Sara Josephine Baker

Sara Josephine Baker

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Sara Josephine Baker (1873~1945)

Doctor, America’s first female health official, feminist,
saved the lives of more than 90,000 New York babies,also known as Dr. Joe.
In New York in the early 1900s,
women studying medicine or even practicing medicine were still not very popular.
accept. In her first job as a health officer,
she was also assigned to inspect the health of women and children in the worst district.

However, Dr.Joe will not give up or be discouraged by this, on the contrary,
she will find the problem more seriously and implement a series of programs,
including the team to the newborn’s family to do health education,
promote breast milk, and implement children’s dairy products distribution points,
Medication to solve the situation of neonatal blindness caused by gonorrhea.
Reduced the under-5 mortality rate in New York from 17% to 5% in the 1900s.

Dr. Joe is also an important figure in tracking the events of “Typhoid Mary”.

Dr. Joe still insists on doing the right thing in the context of a time when
the external environment is very unfriendly to women.
The strength of a single person is not weak, because of her persistence, countless new lives have been saved.


Immediate help, understanding and humanity that sick people need and their need for standardized,
efficient (medical) behavior
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