Lara’s Globalpedia X Kidchen Club

Who says geography has to be memorized?
Follow Mr. Lara to understand different countries in a simple way, and naturally learn the locations of the seven continents and the cultural characteristics of each country in the game! Enlighten children’s worldview and cultivate correct international literacy from childhood!

Then, Kidchen Club will lead the children on a culinary tour in English. Combining culture, handicraft, cooking, five senses, and creativity, you can create mouth-watering creative dishes by yourself~

🕐 Time:
Culture Around The World (in Chinese)
Recipe For Life@ Kidchen Club (in English)

👩‍🍳Age: 5-8 years old
💲Cost: Single $1650/ 5 classes $7425
👉Line Appointment: @zqd2524j
Phone : 02-77188365


🇯🇵3/24 Japan:
Qiaohu sushi jingle, what else is made in Japan?
Cooking : Spring Flower Quiche Tart

🇷🇺4/7 Russia:
The world’s largest country is no longer just a mystical country far away in the Arctic
Cooking: Greeting Easter with Egg Benedict

🇧🇶5/19 Netherlands:
Small land, big world, she is the country of tulips
Cooking : Chicken Burrito in Mexico

🇪🇬6/9 Egypt:
Traces of ancient civilization history, let’s meet the immortal Pharaoh together!
Cooking : Enjoy the sea breeze and Seashell Pasta Salad in summer

🇮🇹8/25 Italy:
Disciplined Roman warriors set off from the peninsula of boots
Cooking : In the hot summer, create Cupcake Forest with creativity

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