Around the World Garden Fair-part 1 (2017.6)

Children who have attended six classes together, let each child choose their favorite country in the last class

Make a “country booth” to introduce to students from other “countries”

🇯🇵The first “Japanese classmate” to appear is very creative! He prepared a 👺”Japanese culture” photo album and asked other students to “order food”. For example, when he clicks on the photo of Japanese dance, he will dance a Japanese figurine; when his classmates click on Kendo, he will choose his opponent to fight the sword together.

🇷🇺Second stop, we came to “Russia”. Brothers and sisters dressed in Russian traditional costumes prepared “Blinn cakes” with Russian wild honey for the students. Wow~ it’s delicious!

🌷 Next stop, “Netherlands”. The hometown of windmills is also the hero that makes tulips the favorite of the European aristocracy! The cute Dutch girl taught us to fold colorful flowers with colored paper~

🇮🇹Ciao~『Italy』! Come to the country of food! Pizza🍕 and pasta are our favorites! Which flavor will you order today?

🇬🇧 I flew from southern Europe to the north to the “UK” where the sun never sets. Let’s take a double-decker bus for an intellectual journey!

🇳🇿The home of kangaroos and koalas “Australia” here we come~ In this country rich in natural resources, what animals can’t be seen? 🐨🌵


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