Czech part 1 ( Class 2019.3.9)


The Czech Republic is the country Lara has dreamed of going to since college…. She has always had a beautiful fantasy in her heart. I had planned to go the year before, but it was cancelled due to a temporary fever. Last summer, my wish was finally fulfilled, and I brought my child to visit Prague! So the first country in this issue,

This is the introduction of the “Czech Republic”.

Which side is the Czech flag?

I haven’t been in class for more than half a year. Although I forgot some less-used terms at first, such as “Oceania”, my memory quickly came back~

puzzle time

I don’t know whether it is exciting to touch the mystery bag, or it is very happy to touch the animals. This activity is the enduring Number 1! Habitat environment

I think the projector has a better display effect than the photo, but the first time I use this machine, I am not very familiar with it, and I need to adjust the settings.

Let’s combine projection + laptop today!

Churches and castles in the Czech Republic are among the best! Today, we will start with the church and look at different church architectural styles, and simply distinguish the interior of Christian, Catholic and Orthodox churches. In addition, I saw the historical event in the basement of the Orthodox Church in Prague that helped to cover a group of anti-Nazi air force officers, but was defeated in the end. The course brings an introduction to World War II, and Nazi atrocities.

The final story time extends to {Anne Frank Anne’s Diary} – Anne’s story. In fact, the day before the class was 38 Women’s Day, and Lara happened to arrive at [Grandma’s house on this day. Women’s Human Rights Museum] Visiting the Annette exhibition (ends 3/17) will also incorporate some of the photos and information seen in the museum that day into the course. (PS. The [Grandma’s House] on Dihua Street is a small museum with all the internal organs,

I highly recommend everyone to go for a walk and learn more about “the story of the AMA grandma”)

Today’s content mentions religion, culture, war. These contents are actually very deep, but these 5~8 year old children can listen carefully to the two children and still have nothing to say. As a teacher, I am so touched~~ So don’t think that children don’t understand it when they are young Without teaching, knowing history is a very important thing.

The content of this course has been adjusted. I hope to add more children’s ideas, more two-way thinking. In the end, each student gave Teacher Lara a “homework assignment”, so that Lara could do her homework well, and look forward to the next time the children will help the teacher “change homework”!

Lara’s homework: (one question per person)

1. Why was Jesus nailed to the cross?
2. Why can’t girls enter that door? (The door behind the Orthodox Priest)
3. Why was Anne Frank’s father finally released?
4. Boys also have hair. Why don’t they need to wear a headscarf (in church)?
5. Why can’t girls’ hair be seen (in church)
6. Why did Hitler kill the Jews?
7. Why is there a secret passage in the church?
8. Why do the eight people in Anne Frank (Secret Loft) eat very little and survive?
9. Why arrest Jews? rather than someone else


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