Komodo Dragon @ Indonesia

My first time saw Komodo Dragon was from a Japanese Tv program. A female in Yukata ( traditional japanese summer outfit ) tiding a piece of raw meat on her ( with a long line ) , tried to attract Komodo Dragon’s attention and, of coz…the dragon was running after her in a very high speed. The girl keep shouting “so fast~so fast”…. I can’t help wondering, seriously? you guys have NO IDEA that a Komodo Dragon IS fast and is incredibly toxic??

Every time when we play the “secret bag”, the most exciting animal is always “Komodo Dragon aka. the biggest lizard in the world”. ! it just somehow attracts kids full attention. Probably because it’s the actual “Dragon” in today’s world. I mean, where you can see a real dragon now in 21 century 😉

Whenever kids are confusing where to place Komodo Dragon, here’re my hints: 1) Asia 2) a country with lots of islands.

However, these 2 clues lead to 2 possible answers: Philippine or Indonesia. Then we’ll take a look on the map. Philippine locates north-south long while Indonesia is more west-east wide. And Komodo Dragon origins from Indonesia.

This month we have a new topic to talk about regarding to Komodo Dragon – Indonesia is relocating its capital from Jarkata to east Kalimantan of Borneo. The main reason is that Jarkata is sinking 20cm annually, which considered one of the fastest sinking speed of a city. And, of coz due to over crowded population, pollution issues, traffic over loaded..etc

This topic, however not that familiar for kids, as probably is their first time to know about “capital” concept, not mention about the meaning of “relocating a capital”. That’s the interesting part of this class, for both me and kids, how we get to know about these sort of abstract ideas and how can I introduce them in a simple language, it’s actually quite challenging! And that’s the part I love my class!

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