“Berlin ~ East German Museum”


Although the sparrow is small, the “East German Museum DDR Museum” with all its internal organs is known as the most interactive museum in the world.

With that in mind, I decided to come and go! In fact, walking is indeed the case. The museum is located on the bank of the river

The entrance is the place where you can take a boat ride on the river next to the Berlin Dom.

This image is taken from the website TripAdvisor

Bought a ticket online

(5.5 euros for the specified date, 8.5 euros if you do not specify, buy tickets online first without queuing, scan the QR Code directly)



2006 Opened by businessmen from West Germany

Everything in East Germany at that time, including food, clothing, housing, transportation, food, drink, entertainment, life education, and the military government were all recorded with “objects” in detail.

Take each visitor back to those years with actual furnishings and five senses…

As soon as you enter the exhibition hall, you will see a miniature version of the boundary on both sides of the Berlin Wall.

The clear space in the middle is really big… Because when we first went to Berlin, the “principal from Berlin” led the way to find the relics of the past Berlin Wall, so the children are still familiar with this history. But after all, there are not many “relics” left.

Such a model could more embody the spatial concept of the Berlin Wall.


When you enter the museum, you start to “flip through” endlessly. Every showcase can be opened. (This design is really very popular with children.

Even if the exhibits themselves are uninteresting for children

But because flipping through this action can stimulate children’s curiosity, so they won’t be boring ^^)

Every compartment or drawer opens with a surprise

For children, the most fun is of course the driving experience! East Germany’s “Trabi Satellite Car” was banned from importing by the United States and Britain at that time

So the government ordered a car to be built without steel, so scientists extracted plastic from wood, etc.

Became the first car of man-made materials! (This bridge is so familiar…. So the scientists in the former Soviet Union were all super powerful. From nothing, people will conquer the sky~) The windshield is a large display screen, which can be used in East Germany without a coin. car racing concept XD

Another fun is to use the screen operation, from hairstyles, bags to holding newspapers and other accessories, to draw what you think a “socialist” should look like

My brother has been playing for a long time at this stop (there is no one waiting in line) because it can be printed out after the end, and there are scores on it~

Everyone should know who this “socialist” is?

Sister, do your socialists resemble Lenin?


The socialist education of the year started at an early age! All the children in kindergarten have to sit on the small toilet when they want to go to the toilet, and they must all sit still and wait until everyone has finished using the toilet before they can get up together… This is really a bit embarrassing…. 

But look at the toys that were used in kindergarten a few years ago in the 60s, and there are not many differences between them now~

In addition, there were a large number of quickly built public housing model houses that you can visit~

From the doorbell at the beginning, I entered the elevator (it really feels like an elevator when I step in, it will sink and shake –> maybe this is the point XD) I suddenly thought that when I first went to study at Moss University, the Russian teacher saw A few of us were foolishly waiting in front of the elevator, and came over and said to us:

“You guys have to bend down and listen to see if the elevator is working, otherwise you may be wasting your time”

So the conclusion is that the elevators of socialist society are… very personal!

From living room to children’s room, kitchen, living room… every detail is meticulous! Fully present the daily life of the year

A corner of the living room of the East German house

Although tourists from all over the world seem to have a sense of freshness, in fact, for Lara, this feeling is not unfamiliar. The knowledge and experience of Russia in the past 10 years, after all, East Germany can be said to be the avatar of the Soviet Union in this land.

(Left photo) A must-have scarf for every East German child, including how to play the scarf
In the bookcase in the children’s room, you can see the familiar “MISCHKA” (little bear) and dolls (picture on the right)

After watching the public house, let’s experience the paperwork! Think of yourself as a “secretary” who stamped a seal on his desk. . . .

(At this time, Lara thought of the days when she had to wait in front of the gates in Moscow, waiting in line to be stamped… It’s really unbearable to look back on…)

Kids really love stamping. …

The importance that socialism attaches to sports can be seen from the large number of athletes in Russia (to be precise, the “former Soviet countries”). East Germany was no exception! Seeing the word WM (World Football), my son is excited~

It’s just that the photos don’t show his excitement….==”

After writing this article, I suddenly found out… God~ Is my photography skill so bad? ! XDDDD should be… one dozen two in a crowded museum can only be a lightning snap…. (guilt)

In fact, the museum is not big, but it is still highly recommended that you must visit when you have the opportunity to visit Berlin. Before setting out, it is important to have a little understanding of the history of East and West Germany! Otherwise, it will be foggy, and I don’t know what you are looking at. In fact, there is a very important point in this exhibition that I did not take pictures with my children (there is not enough correct explanation, it would be weird for my mother to shoot naked.. Haha), that is the very famous FKK nudist camp. This is actually a very interesting cultural phenomenon, because in the era of martial law, nudity was the only greatest liberation for the people of East Germany, so the government relatively encouraged ( OS: people always need to export, let them Don’t use your extra strength to oppose the government, just let them go swimming naked!) This logic may sound a bit absurd to us, but it seems that in the context of that era, everything can’t be judged by our own reason. ….

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