I always thought I had been to Red Hair City.. Until this time, because of Lara’s foreign friends who came to Taiwan to live in Tamsui, I came to Hong Mao City with my children.

I just found out that I really haven’t been here… Yesterday afternoon, the heavy and light rain also brought a touch of romance to our short freshwater trip~

At 4 o’clock, I arrived at Hong Mao City, and caught up with the last guided tour (it is really important to have a guided tour when visiting historical sites). I believe that most Taiwanese people know the origin of the name of Hong Mao City. Back then, the hair color of the Dutch was more orange, That’s why Taiwanese call them “Red Hair”

And “Red Hair” is of course called “Red Hair City”


The nine national flags represent the nine former masters

Red Hair City has changed hands nine times

However, before the “Red Hair” built the fort, this place was actually built by the Spaniards first to build “Santo Domingo City”, but it was driven away by the Dutch not long ago…. The fort built before the drive away It was ruined, so the Dutch rebuilt it themselves…

Later, after Zheng Chenggong of the Ming Dynasty “recovered” Taiwan, this place was owned by the Ming Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty…until the Opium War….The Qing Dynasty ceded several coastal cities, so the British came… .
The British leased it as a consulate and built an official residence next to it (a small but beautiful garden). The handmade red bricks seen in the fort were all added during the British period. The original battery on the first floor has also been changed into a small prison’s ventilation balcony; the secretary room on the second floor is specially equipped with an incinerator (burning important confidential documents) and a vault (a place to put gold and silver after making too much money)

British mansion

Later, the Japanese came to rule Taiwan and became the master…. After the end of World War II, Japan was defeated, so the city of red hair returned to the hands of the British, but it is not clear why, and the British gave him a subsidiary at that time. Country Australia…..and then Australia gave to the United States……it was over 30 years ago that it was all back to us….

The official residence is a Victorian building, and the interior is still intact, giving you a glimpse of the prosperity of the past.

Standard English dining chair specification, only the owner’s chair has armrests

The door of the kitchen is next to the restaurant, and the small hole in the middle is the entrance of the food delivery hole (reminds me that some restaurants now have elevators for dishes)

『A moat was built around the deep city to prevent the aboriginal people from attacking at that time.

sea to land

Even 60 years ago, the current gate of Hongmao City was still Tamsui River. The real gate of the city back then was the small gate next to the gate today, that is, the South Gate of the year, because it was the closest to the river mouth (the gate for boats). was left behind…

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