Lara’s multilingual picture book story


2019 Winter Break Multilingual Stories – German {Nutze deine Fantasie…aber pass auf, was du dir wünschst! } Use your imagination….

However, be careful with your wishes~


Here comes the third story~ Today is a very interesting 👧 “Little Red Riding Hood Extra Story”. How does a 🐰 little rabbit use his boundless imagination to help himself get rid of the nasty 🐺 big wolf?

Never before has a story been recorded so many times! It was because the firecrackers were too loud, or the red street lights stopped even after the ambulance passed by (so they rang for a long time…) or there was a problem with the system, and there were some places where the signal was interrupted and the sound could not be heard… . Later, Marcus didn’t sleep well and came to watch my recording… So this time the German story special program was produced 🥳🥳

In fact, I had a lot of fun recording with my child, and he corrected a few words in the process, and secretly told me that I made a mistake 😂😉 I think this is the happiest part of this journey, what I am doing It has a lot to do with children, so don’t be afraid to talk about it!

Happy New Year with this video! I wish you all the best of luck in the Year of the Golden Pig! work hard together!

Viel Spaß

Deutsch | Nutze deine Fantasie….aber pass auf, was du dir wünschst! |發揮你的想像力!但是………小心你許的願望喔~


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