Lara’s multilingual picture book story

( Deutsch )

The cover of this book didn’t appeal to me at first, especially the first two pages felt so gray… Intuition is not an interesting book,

Until a certain time I decided to turn the page to the end, I was deeply moved. …

The content of the story is that there is a country that is a big word factory. People in that magical country must “crunch the words” before they can say that word. All the words sold in the store are classified into categories , stores with “naughty words”, stores with “nice words”….

The richer a person is, the more words they can buy and the more words they can speak…
But our little boy protagonist’s family is very poor and can’t afford to buy words, so he can only pick up unwanted words in the garbage pile…or use a net to catch words that occasionally float in the air…little boy There is a girl he likes very much, but he can’t talk to him, and he can’t even wish him a birthday…. There is a rich boy who lives upstairs, and he likes this girl very much…. He can treat him Say, whatever he wants to say….

The ending is so sweet~
In addition to the touching plot, the composition and color of the whole book also change with the mood of the protagonist. It is highly recommended for collection. It is a good book that will make you smile after reading it!

德文| Die große Wörterfabrik | 大大的文字工廠


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