Lara’s multilingual picture book story

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#2019寒假直播加映 #多語故事 #英文篇 】

Hi, my name is Lara

Here comes the second story~ This story is a bit heavy and not suitable for bedtime stories😅

There are many story books in English, and many people are telling stories about the Chinese New Year. Therefore, Lara hopes to share this story in English with you from another angle. If you’ve heard of a brave Pakistani girl called “Malala”, this picture book is about something similar. The exploitation and abuse of women by the Taliban regime at that time was unimaginable for us who were born in Taiwan… But not knowing does not mean it does not exist. I hope that through this picture book of real events, we can arouse our understanding of other corners of the world. of attention.

 Nasreen’s Secret School | Nasreen的秘密學校


#LARA的多語繪本世界 (英日俄德)

#LARA的多語繪本世界 #親子玩德文

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