New Year’s Wishes for the Year of the Golden Pig

Usually I swipe FB without turning on the sound, because I don’t want to attract the attention of the children. When I scrolled my phone today and saw the article “Wenqian’s World Weekly” [Falcons and 30 writers join forces to resist populism and turn the tide], I couldn’t help but open my voice. Of course, the two little ones who were having a good time playing Playmobil pulled up their chairs and leaned over by themselves…. The ten-minute video, we watched it carefully, and the children continued to watch the video. Question, let me press the space bar to pause, and quickly think about how to explain it in my mind. …

How to explain “populism” to children?

It’s hard…because even I don’t know much about it..

Only the video messages in the film can be used to separately explain what happened in Europe in the past year: including the French yellow vest movement; Italy’s blockade of the sea line to ban refugees; Hungary became a Catholic country; in addition, the Kurds mentioned in the film Soldiers, also because ISIS was introduced in class before,

So I can get a little impression…

The development of the world in recent years seems to have reached a phenomenon of extremes, from open freedom to an instant extreme reversal. To be honest, having grown up so much, I never understood the terminology of left and right. Maybe it’s because I’ve always been indifferent to politics and a little disgusted, so I can’t remember some political terms subconsciously. But my previous indifference did not give me an excuse to just let it go. It seems a bit hypocritical to say this, but it is because I have a child that I no longer care about what happens in this world…

POPULISM Populism (Photo taken from the Internet)

In the past month or so, my own life has almost changed a lot, and I have also thought a lot (or I can say that I deliberately did not think too much), both in public and private, thinking about which way to go… Watched the video today Li Wei’s impassioned, I am not a philosopher, nor a celebrity, nor a European, but the strength of his words seems to be destined for me, who is hesitant…

I believe that culture is the connection between people.

I believe that cultural differences are the beginning of disputes and the only possible end.

At the beginning of the new year, maybe this is a mission. I hope that I can start with my own efforts, and work harder to let the children have an understanding and tolerance of different cultures from an early age. I hope that I can be in my own little world. The world we live in, even if it affects one or two children, can positively help their future. New expectations for the year of the golden pig in 2019.

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