On the train from Berlin to Prague….

On the train from Berlin to Prague, two young backpacker girls entered our box and asked if there were any vacancies….(I bought the right seat,

They should have bought a free seat) At the beginning, the two girls put on blindfolds to sleep, maybe the playful sound of our two family is really uninterrupted…

Afterwards, they simply couldn’t sleep.

So we started chatting. It turns out that they are from Sweden, who just graduated from high school and decided to take a gap year (Note: Many European students choose to take a year off after graduating high school, travel or work part-time, and then decide which university they want to go to and what to study. The gap between years is called Gap Year, which is normal in Europe) They decided to travel between several European cities for three weeks. What I love most is the thinking ability of European students (mostly),

When I can talk like this at the age of 18, I feel like I am chatting with people who are out of society. Although they haven’t completely decided their future path, it’s really important to know what to look for! I have experienced European education when I was a student before. Most people have the ability to put forward their own ideas, and often we Asian students are more in the role of “listening” (of course, this is not absolute, but Lara personally pointed out most phenomena. experience and observations),

Every time I see European or Russian classmates being able to talk eloquently, I admire them…. So I secretly made a decision before I gave birth to a child that I hoped that my child would have the opportunity to get more influence from a European education; Pay more attention to the information. In the past two years, some “beautiful systems” of Nordic education have been spread wildly on the Internet.

It makes many parents yearn for it. . . But people who have never been acquainted can inquire about the real situation. Compared to Western Europe, I meet fewer Nordic people,

This time, I seized the opportunity to ask:

“I heard that elementary school students in Sweden study happily without using textbooks?”

(As we often see reports… Nordic children are very happy) They replied to me:

“Kindergarten used to be very happy and had fun, and now the elementary school (as far as they know, after all, they are already old) almost all use iPads for class… Of course, there are also paper textbooks.. So there are still textbooks “

Landscapes about to enter the Czech border

After a chat, the two girls said to each other, let’s have a meal! So a “chef” (as they call themselves 🙂 ) took out a bag of toast, a can of Pesto sauce, and two slices of bread to make a meal…

Later, the two older sisters played Parker with the two younger sisters very nicely. The rules were completely customized by Marcus. There was only one principle for super “casual” – he would not lose – and that was the rule! Haha ) The two sisters are also very generous. Although they are often dumbfounded, they still have a good time “accompanying” them~

After that, I took out the fruit I washed before going out in the morning and ate it together. Unexpectedly, when I took it out, the two girls’ eyes widened! It turns out that they have not eaten vegetables and fruits for several days! Because the budget for one day is only 30 euros (= 1080 Taiwan dollars), it still includes the accommodation fee! Before this stop, I was in Amsterdam, where prices are very high. After paying for the daily room fee, I almost have no money to eat! Not to mention eating fruit…they said they haven’t had any vegetables or fruit for two weeks….my fruit box had tomatoes and cherries, which were seasonal fruits at the time, very cheap) but in their The mouth has become the most delicious and high-grade ingredients in the world! Seeing their satisfied expressions, I suddenly feel so happy and soothed~

One of the girls, who speaks good English, learned from the chat that her father was a diplomat and took up his post in Myanmar this year. She grew up in several countries in Asia and attended IB International School all the way. After high school, she returned to Sweden to live with her brother in Copenhagen. She rented out a spare room at home to another friend as a subsidy. Yes! Diplomats should be considered wealthy! But she didn’t get spoiled because of this, she still has a poor budget of 30 euros a day, such an educational attitude and result, I think it is a great success! !

We also have a certain budget for this trip. How much can we spend each day… So often my brother thinks why can’t we buy anything? Can’t eat anything? I am so lucky to have encountered such a good real example! (Indeed, the experience of the two sisters later became a very good practical case for mothers during this trip~)

I wish them all the best for the rest of their journey

Note: Originally, this small travel diary was originally shared on the Facebook fan page on June 24, 2018. I happened to meet two Swedish girls. Today I just saw an article shared by Professor Ye Bingcheng about a Taiwanese teacher who teaches in Finland. Article, clarifying “Finland abolished disciplines”

This is false news. I directly thought that the same doubts were solved last year, so I organized the articles at that time here.

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