sense of responsibility



In the process of applying for these two days, I met a young man who missed an appointment for no reason.

After that, he continued to submit the same resume under the pretext that his friend had a car accident in the morning.

I didn’t bring my phone to the hospital, so I couldn’t get in touch

Before that, I met a woman my age who wanted a second job

In the early morning of the scheduled work day, I sent a text message saying that my mother was temporarily hospitalized and lost contact…

In fact, these are just two examples, there are many more similar…

I think of my son’s first babysitter V

She is a Taiwanese girl who grew up in Germany. She came back to Taiwan to learn Chinese during the summer vacation after graduating from high school.

At the beginning, maybe because I didn’t have much experience, I just followed Marcus around blindly.

don’t know what to do

Later, I slowly told V what to do, what to play, and how to guide

After two to three months of running in

Also getting better. Once, before going home, V asked me:

“Lara, x month x Japan should come

But because of something at my school

Can I ask you to take a leave of absence? “

Of course, I must say OK~ Besides, for me, it’s just for fun

There is no progress pressure at all, is there any difference? did not expect

Yubi V immediately took out her notepad

start talking to me

“Then can we change x days or x days?

I can do it in two days

Or do you have other time slots to schedule? “

……….wow….just a leave of absence

It’s necessary to make it feel like you’re going to change classes with me, is it so formal?

I felt like I was struck by lightning! Shocked! It turns out that this is #responsibleeducation!

I want my children to do the same, to be responsible to themselves or to others

Respect and earn respect from others

I might have complained before that many young people in Taiwan are irresponsible

But I now find that this kind of situation doesn’t seem to happen only to “young people”.. (though I have encountered many 😓😓)

But at all ages…. At the end of the day, is it our education or which part of our society is at fault?

It seems that there are always reasons and excuses…


What do children know? Just listen to me (parents, elders)!

Why do students think so much? ! Just go to study!

How many marks? 98? Two short hits? !


Over time, everyone who is a junior will say in such an atmosphere

Ah, I’m a student~ Ah, I’m a child~ How do I know? !

I read an article two days ago

The importance of primary education

There is a sentence in it,
* Elementary school is also the stage of cultivating the embryonic personality of children

The cultivation of children’s personality prototypes in elementary school is abandoned, and it may be too late when they grow up

Knowledge learning is not the only purpose of primary education

at least as important, if not more important

It’s about cultivating their attitude towards people and themselves.

No education system is perfect, but I think German education has an advantage in this part

Let children develop a sense of responsibility from an early age, not just to collect schoolbags…


The photo is in the summer of 2019, V came to visit us in Cologne from Hamburg
It is already 2015 that we know V….
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