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Frankly, I only really started to know about Easter in the last few years. Because after the children go to kindergarten, every April is the time to draw Easter eggs, find Easter eggs and eat chocolate rabbits! In the past two years, I didn’t think much about the relationship between rabbits and eggs. . . Anyway, whatever you do, we will do it right! This year, I finally calmed down and took a good look at the dog. The conclusion is that there is no direct relationship between the two! !

“Easter”, as the name suggests, is related to the resurrection of Jesus! Devout believers celebrate the holiday of Jesus’ resurrection after the crucifixion. Lara believes that regardless of the religious standpoint, all people should know the important biblical stories. After all, this is also a very important element of Western literature. Whether it is books, movies, events in festival life, or even war, it is actually related to Christian culture. closely related. The following link is an animation that Lara found with Lego, telling the story of the crucifixion of Jesus, with English pronunciation and Chinese subtitles.

Knowing that Easter is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus, what does that have to do with 🥚?

The tradition of colouring with wax is said to have come from Ukraine

This needs to be cut from several angles. First of all, there is a Lent period (fasting) in the first 40 days of Easter. During these 40 days, we basically only eat one meal a day, and don’t eat meat/wine/egg/dairy products, which is the concept of “vegetarian eating on the 15th day of the first day” in Taiwan, but they are concentrated in one period. I haven’t eaten eggs for more than a month, so I must have accumulated a lot of inventory, so when the meat is opened on Easter, a lot of “sold inventory” ~ This is a more realistic explanation. In addition, there is 🥚 the symbol of endless life, which symbolizes that life breaks out of the shell, just like the rebirth of Jesus after the crucifixion ~ but at the beginning, it was only dyed red, and on Sunday, I went to the church to be blessed by the Pope. It was not until the later 1,2 hundred years that the custom of painting eggs did not occur. Even in the past few decades, it is of course the world of businessmen ~ all kinds of chocolate eggs appeared, becoming the favorite of businessmen’s children!

Russian Easter Street Installation Art

So…. where did the rabbit come from? Rabbits don’t lay eggs…

Easter Bunny Chocolates – 220 million were produced in Germany alone in 2019!

This is Lara’s favorite part~ In fact, the combination of rabbit and egg is really wonderful~ It turns out that this is related to the ancient nature worship before Christianity. The time of Easter is just after the spring equinox (3/21) of the lunar calendar. The ancients attached great importance to the solar terms of nature! At the end of the cold winter (hey ~ GOT), it is hard to welcome the arrival of spring, and the rabbit with super fecundity is just the best representative of spring! The symbol is endless, so it can be said that the rabbit is actually the mascot of the ancients to welcome the god of spring~ Why is it Lara’s favorite part? Because this represents the fusion of different generations and different beliefs! Just like in Taiwan, the Buddhist Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva and the Taoist Guan Gong are enshrined in the same temple, which is the product of the people’s actual needs and cultural integration.

( Hollywood 惡搞Bunny )

What else is Easter apart from eggs and rabbits?

Lamb, the same has two meanings. From a realistic point of view, after a period of “vegetarianism”, the human body needs protein, and lamb can provide a lot of protein supplements. This may not sound very romantic…. what about the meaning of representation? The Lamb is considered a symbol of Jesus, who suffered in the place of mankind; and Moses used the blood of the Lamb (on the door) to save him from disaster and lead the Jews out of Egypt. Many traditions are mostly symbolic, and it may be interesting to retain such a meaning.

Gebakenes Osterlamm

Human cultural activities are all handed down from ancient times. From a modern perspective, some things may not be so logical. (eg Egg v.s Rabbit) But dig deeper and it makes sense. Observation and curiosity about things are very important to Lara! We can just follow the tradition, but if we know the reason and try to understand, maybe we can preserve the essence of the tradition!

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