Virus Crisis

The beginning of the Year of the Rat was supposed to be a joyous and festive New Year, but because a new type of human-to-human pneumonia was reported from Wuhan

People are scared, this year has passed with fear

Apart from political wrestling, when we look back at the nature of the virus, I can’t help but think of several larger virus crises that have occurred in history…

Black Plague

In human history, the first recorded large-scale infectious disease was the Justinian Pandemic in AD 541, but it is not clear what the disease actually was and how many people died. And a big point that is absolutely inseparable when introducing European history. The Black Plague/Death took the lives of more than 25 million Europeans from the 14th to the 18th centuries, and thus brought the whole of Europe into the “Dark Ages of the Middle Ages”.

One theory is that the origin of the Black Death lies in the central and western parts of Asia. With the development of the Silk Road, the bacteria followed the camel caravan all the way westward, and eventually had a great impact on the whole of Europe. Another theory is that when the Tatar (Mongolian) army marched westward in 1345, it was unable to attack Kaffa, a seaport city in what is now the Crimean Peninsula of Ukraine, and finally decided to send “biochemical warfare” and use catapults to dye the dye. The dead bodies of the plague were fired when the cannons were fired, and the people in the city were frightened by the “corpses” that fell from the sky, but they didn’t know that this represented the arrival of the god of death…whether as an “additional commodity” or “weapon” “This super-powerful bacteria came to Europe at that time, and it was the prelude to the Hundred Years War between Britain and France (1337~1453), coupled with poor social and sanitary conditions (Europe was still full of excrement and urine at that time…), water sources were polluted, medical treatment The concept has not yet been established….etc, leading to the death of more than half of Europe’s population and the rewriting of the social order.

The name Black Death comes from the black death’s lymphoma, which is the lymphoma plague, and another strain of the virus that turns into pneumonia. In the past, it was generally accepted that the virus from gerbils was transmitted to humans through fleas. However, some scientists now point out that the Black Death did not find a large number of mouse deaths before it hit humans and caused a large number of deaths, so it may not necessarily come from mice. On the contrary, it is more likely that the head lice or fleas on the human body are infected with each other, which will cause such a rapid transmission from person to person. No matter which of the above, modern scientists can only use the only and long-term evidence to speculate about what happened in the past. Maybe in the near future, other evidence will appear, allowing scientists to infer more accurately. What is the truth of the matter…

Victims of the Black Death in the fourteenth century manuscript ‘La Franceschina,’

When we introduce the country “Czech” in class, we will mention the famous “Bone Church”. The priest who presided over this church once took back a handful of holy soil during a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and sprinkled it on the door of the church, so many rich people at that time wanted to be buried here after death. Later, after the outbreak of the Black Death, regardless of the rich or the poor, many people with the disease simply came here to wait for their deaths, which also caused the number of human bones here to be full. I came up with the idea of ​​using the human bones buried here as decorations. (Otherwise, where will the tens of thousands of human bones go…?) Lara has heard its name for a long time, and finally had the opportunity to go to the Czech Republic with two children the year before last. My sister, who was not 4 years old before going, was afraid to go, it was me Working with her brother to lure her with a pack of gummy bears, she was able to convince her… After she went, not only was she not afraid, but she also wanted to make a video to introduce it to everyone. [Note: Because many people do not respect cultural relics and regard the human bones in the solemn human bone church as funny shooting props, from 2020, photography is prohibited in the human bone church, unless you apply for permission in advance

Each label in the middle picture represents a pair of human bones that have not yet been excavated


The infectious disease that appeared earlier than the Black Death and caused more disasters in human history was Smallpox. This term is not unfamiliar to us in history textbooks. From Queen Mary of England, Louis XV of France to Emperor Shunzhi of the Qing Dynasty, many people at home and abroad have lost their lives under it. The origin of the bacteria can be traced back to the Neolithic period, and the earliest one that can be traced at present should be the DNA of the smallpox virus on the mummy of Ramses V in ancient Egypt. During the evolution of human domestication of cattle, the cowpox virus, which was originally only in cattle, evolved to attack the human body and became the biggest nemesis of human beings before 1980. In the 16th century, the great nautical discovery, the Spaniards came from Europe to the New World of America, and brought a terrible virus to the local aborigines – smallpox, causing tens of millions of aborigines to disappear. It can be said to be the most terrible genocide in human history. …..

BAL209236 Columbus at Hispaniola, from ‘The Narrative and Critical History of America’, edited by Justin Winsor, London, 1886 (engraving) (later colouration) by Bry, Theodore de (1528-98) (after); Private Collection; ( in Columbus and his discoveries;); Flemish, out of copyright

The “vaccine” of Western medicine seems to be the so-called “fighting poison with poison” in traditional Chinese medicine. Originally, cowpox is also a virus, but it can be used to treat another more serious virus. It can be said that… Being a virus still contributes.. ? XDD In the past ten years, some people have been very opposed to the administration of vaccines, that is, against injecting the virus into the human body. Of course, this depends on each parent’s own thoughts. The flu vaccine is to inject a small amount of flu strain into the human body to make our body produce antibodies, so why do doctors and nurses often remind you that you may have a fever in the first two days? ~The reason is here~

SARS SARS H1N1 Swine Flu MERS Middle East Respiratory Syndrome EBOLA Ebola

Bring time closer to the era we live in. A tragedy in 2003, SAR (SARS), claimed 774 lives worldwide (data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Ministry of Health and Welfare). This number may sound like a small number, but the actual fatality rate is 10-15%, that is, 10-15 people die without being treated for 100 people who get sick. The fatality rate of the 2009 new influenza H1N1 is 6-7%, and the fatality rate of the general seasonal influenza is 0.3%. Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) also broke out in South Korea in 2012, with a mortality rate as high as 30-40%! The Ebola virus (Epolavirus), which is still rampant in Africa, has a fatality rate of 50%!

When I first saw such data, I couldn’t help but wonder, why do I know so little about MERS and Epola, which have such a high fatality rate? ! The reason should be that…the distance from us is relatively far. I’m not referring to the actual distance of thousands of kilometers (South Korea is not very far from me….) but the distance of my heart… Honestly, my biggest concern for South Korea is that it has only been in the past 10 years. I have watched no more than 5 Korean dramas, let alone Africa. Except for Egypt, my knowledge of Africa is very limited. Perhaps it is also because the mobility of the African population to Asia is still relatively small, so even though the disease has caused tens of thousands of deaths, it still does not attract our attention… If it is not because the 2019 new coronavirus almost It’s as urgent as the doorstep, maybe I won’t be so serious about knowing the virus family that has the greatest impact on all human beings…

2019 Novel Coronavirus CoronaVirus

The mainstream narrative started with a seafood market in Wuhan, China, where some game was sold. This virus is similar to SARS 17 years ago. It was transformed from the original germs carried by fruit bats. Based on this inference, it should be that humans have eaten some game that should not be eaten, such as bats, civet cats, etc. Consequences of animals that eat less. Many articles mention that bats carry a lot of viruses, but because they need to fly for a long time, their average body temperature is as high as 40 degrees. Humans or other animals that tall. So many innocent people are punished for the actions of the few who like to try new things. I believe there must be a reason why humans have several major sources of staple food. When humans learned to use fire, they evolved from raw food to cooked food, from collecting wild fruits to growing rice, wheat, vegetables and fruits, and meat was limited to a few main species for artificial reproduction. In these tens of thousands of years of evolutionary history, since he was not “selected”, there should be his reasons! It may be that it is not suitable for mass reproduction, and its biological properties are not suitable for human consumption… If it insists on “going against the sky”, the consequences are really unmanageable.

In fact, no scientist has fully confirmed that the virus is the original host from fruit bats, and it makes no sense to push the source of all sins to bats. (I really think it is the result of human greed, no matter what kind of animal it comes from…. It is unlucky enough for animals to be hunted by humans @@ ) The Middle East Respiratory Syndrome was also considered to be a bat belt at the beginning The original, it was only later found out that it was a camel in the Middle East. Bats bear a lot of unprovoked accusations… bats, civet cats, camels… Viruses are safe with these animals, why humans must Are you going to mess around and let the virus deform and run into humans? !

For the issue of whether bats are the carriers of the virus, those who are interested can read this article: “Let the bats be spared!”

In the past few days, I have seen a lot of medical staff fighting on the Internet. While writing an article, I also saw a video saying that a German authority on coronavirus research also rushed to Wuhan to help the Chinese scientific team to find the reason together. with the antidote. In the film, the virus expert Professor Hilgenfeld mentioned that there was no antidote against CoronaVirus in his suitcase, but he also appealed to everyone not to panic, the virus has always existed, and its influence will change with time and most importantly It is that we begin to consciously guard against it and gradually weaken. So back to the most fundamental state,

Wash your hands with soap more often, wear surgical-grade masks in public places with many people, and take preventive measures (wear masks, seek medical attention) immediately when you find suspected symptoms, and do your own hygiene management to protect yourself and others!

Although it may seem like a cliché, it still requires a lot of self-discipline to do it completely! When most people in the world start to learn correct concepts and care about other people and things, will there be less man-made disasters? Let’s hope for the best!


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