The spirit of exploring new things yearns for new experiences

Fly to the world, explore the world, explore the source of knowledge

Curiosity makes learning an interest, knowledge becomes nutrients, and wisdom sprouts and thrives

Channel a passion for education Explore the possibilities of every child

About Lara

After the joint entrance examination, the placement site was impartial and fell to the Russian Department of National Chengchi University

Only Knows that Russia has Ballet and Baikal Industrial Zones

Stumbled to start the Russian road…

Graduated from National Chengchi University in less than a year because of job assignments

back to moscow again and pursue an MBA locally

It’s been 6 years in the ice and snow

Although there was a brief period of sojourn in Japan during this period

In the end, I became a Russian daughter-in-law and followed her Russian husband to Beijing and Shanghai

years overseas

Finally, for the education of children

Returning to Taiwan to become a full-time mother of the returnees

Suddenly I was surprised that I had been a mother for 4 years seriously

There is a sense of emptiness inside

Desire to enjoy the sweet parent-child time with children and

Finding a balance between self-actualization

So decided to take action

From my own interests and expertise

"Lara’s Global Pedia"
Use education to open a window to the world for children

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