Berlin Wall | Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall | Berlin Wall Can’t remember when was my first time hear about “Berlin Wall”, probably in High school, or even in University…I knew that Germany was divided into West & East after WW2, and I also knew that The Wall fell down eventually….However, all these sentences were simply words on textbook, didn’t mean …

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(East) Orthodox Church Visit Part 2|Dove, Fish, Symbol

Lara的課程是在介紹 #國際文化, 而宗教, 就是文化中很重要的一個因子, 因此我希望能帶著孩子們多多認識多元的宗教文化, 除了能讓他們更加了解身處的環境外, 也許在未來因為這樣的理解, 就能產生更多的包容與同理, WORLD PEACE 不再只是選美小姐的口號而已…..

2019.10 Shanghai | Chongqing

2019.10 Shanghai | Chongqing   Shanghai is the last city where Lara and her children lived, and many of her friends are still here. ​Returning to Shanghai to take classes is extra familiar… Every time I teach, I have the feeling of teaching and learning​, and no class is exactly the same. In particular, the …

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We grew up in Taiwan, and we knew that Christmas was coming from an early age, (how could we miss it?!😆Especially after becoming parents..🤑)Before, we introduced the original prototype of Santa Claus, which came from “Turkey”, (Not Scandinavian! Nor America! ) Today, let’s introduce another festival that most Taiwanese are unfamiliar with, Jewish Hanukkah! (Hanukah …

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2019.11.24 Taipei Mosque

Taipei Grand Mosque This course in Central Asia will inevitably contain a lot of content related to Islam. After all, when we are introducing countries such as Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan, which are based on religion, it is impossible to talk about religion without talking about religion… But because it is often negative, for example,the …

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