2020 American Week Summer Camp

5~8 years old (parent-child or independent classes are welcome)Single class registration 1100/class

5% off for three-person group newspapers and introductions from old students (Lara / Hug Parent-Child)

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2020 #follow Lara to travel around for summer
Summer vacation experience activities are running!
Each class experience will include:Six major activities

World Puzzle – Large floor puzzle for kids to start constructing world locations.
Animal Mystery Bag – Kids’ Favorite Mystery Bag Time!
After the animals are drawn, name their representative habitat
and bring to the correct location on the map.

Country Recognition – Through interesting and vivid “maps”,
get to know the whole picture of a country, from architecture, food, t
o humanities and historical development, and remove stereotypes

Multilingual Picture Book Time – Listen to stories in different languages
and open your foreign language ears!

Cultural experience time – DIY burgers,
DIY hand-painted Russian dolls, Henna stickers.

Learn the geographic locations of the seven continents, the correct names of animals and their habitats
A correct understanding of a country and culture, broadening knowledge and broadening horizons

8/13 India + Henna Tattoo Stickers

8/20 Russia + DIY Painted Russian Dolls

13:30~15:30 pm (2 hours)

5~8 years old (parent-child or independent classes are welcome)

Single class registration 1100/class

5% off for three-person group newspapers and introductions from old students (Lara / Hug Parent-Child)

This week’s #Follow LaraAround the Summer, I came to #dongmenstation to ride with the children to the United States to play~
Children who play the mystery bag for the first time will be very excited when they draw an animal they know.
Every time they draw an unfamiliar animal, it will be like opening a surprise bag.
Seeing the happy expressions of the children is really healing.

American culture has a profound impact on the world, especially in entertainment culture.
It can be said that Disney characters who have known each other
from 1 to 99 years old were originally filmed in “West America” – HollyWood in the west of America!
When I was studying in the past, I often heard about the United States and the United States, a
nd Lara knew that the air tickets to the United States were more expensive.

But never thought about WHYYY !!
So now we learn to read maps from a young age.
With the map, many things can be seen at a glance!

Finally, the happiest time to DIY your own burgers!
Eating burgers while listening to Elvis’s hits and Louis Armstrong (not the one who went to the moon)’s
What a Wonderful World and Michael Jackson’s Black or White, with the melody of the music.

I can’t be more happy to eat and move my body at the same time~


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