2020 Ancient Egypt Summer Camp

📍:2020.10.04 (sun)

:10~12 A.M

🏠:小村落共享空間 (Nanjing Sanmin Railway Station)

💲:1100/group parent-child

🎯:12group parent-child (5~10y)

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How to teach international outlook?

“See how big the world is, and how big your dreams are.”
A comprehensive literacy class that packs mountains and seas,
Teacher Lara takes the children to know different countries and listens to picture book stories in different languages.
Japanese picture books are spoken in Japanese,
Russian is spoken in Russian, and children are introduced to the world
in an interesting and easy-to-understand language!
The last 🇪🇬 Ancient Egypt Cultural Event of 2020 2020.10.04 (Sun) 10~12pm
At the beginning of this year and the summer vacation,
Lara gave a special
introduction to ancient Egyptian culture,
which was highly praised. Recently, mums who have met lately asked Lara
about the opportunity to hold another ancient Egypt class. Parents who have not attended yet, Don’t miss the last tour of ancient Egyptian civilization in 2020🤩🤩
In this ancient Egyptian culture class, what do you want (children) to learn❓❓❓

㊙️ The secret of the pyramid

❓ Is it a burial chamber or a power plant leading to outer space?

🈲Gold Mask Master Tutankhamun

❓ Gossip about a suspected alien family

🕵️‍♂️ Ancient Egyptian mythology

❓Why are there so many gods with animal heads + human bodies
#Don’t let your children watch legends of gods and ghosts before class
The “Legend of Gods and Ghosts” released in 1999 should be as impressive as Lara.
Movies are just like fairy tales, using situations to lead us through time and space and back to the past~
However, now 21 years later, when Lara goes back to watch this popular play,
she finds that it really “can only” be regarded as an entertainment movie
Let’s take a look at it~
(In other words, every time I think of this movie, Rachel Weisz’s face comes to mind…she is really beautiful😍😍)
#Yin He Tian is not actually a big villain
Let’s find out together “5 places where this movie is different from the real history”!
In October, I can’t go out and get stuck in traffic, and travel through ancient Egypt safely!
The last 🇪🇬 ancient Egyptian cultural event in 2020, only 12 parents and children are invited to participate👨👩👧👨👩👧👦
📍:2020.10.04 (sun)
:10~12 A.M
🏠:小村落共享空間 (Nanjing Sanmin Railway Station)
💲:1100/group parent-child
🎯:12group parent-child (5~10y)
Ancient Egypt Course Record 2020:
3月activity record👇

7月activity recordDay1👇

7月activity recordDay2👇

Myths and stories are always indispensable in ancient civilizations.
The love, hatred, and sorrow of many gods are always talked about behind the scenes.
It’s just that every time I tell such a story, I always hesitate to tell the “degree”.
After all, the ancient stories are all The shadow of blood and brutality….(Just to scare people~)
The hostility and fight are just right, and the cruel scenes of killing relatives and beheading are indispensable…
Too much talk, and I am afraid that the children will be afraid when they hear it,
and it also crosses the moral bottom line a little… It’s a bit illogical if I take it casually…
This is really a test of the teacher’s storytelling skills~~
Every time I have to add a sentence “This is just the past. Stories, don’t ever learn it”

Everyone knows that the purpose of ancient Egyptians mummifying dead pharaohs, nobles,
and even pets is to preserve the remains, so that the soul can find its own “home”
when it returns to the world, and then be resurrected and reborn
–> –> But the whole process of making a mummy may be a bit scary….
The ancient Egyptians believed that the most important part of a person is not just emotion,
but also language, thinking, wisdom… all are under the control,
And the brain is just a lump…useless brains…
so the first thing to throw away is this lump…the brains…the next process is a little bloody,
Lara won’t talk much about it here.. The children love to hear it.

After the mummy is done,
this “resurrection journey” officially begins,
and all of this is recorded in
(Note! Book of Death is not actually intended to be in a movie like Li This “book”,
but a series of “pictures and texts” carved outside the coffin)


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