2020 Indian Week Summer Camp

5~8 years old (parent-child or independent classes are welcome)

Single class registration 1100/class

5% off for three-person group newspapers and introductions from old students (Lara / Hug Parent-Child)

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2020 #Travel around the summer with Lara
Summer vacation experience activities are running!
Each class experience will include:
Six major activities

World Puzzle – Large floor puzzle for kids to start constructing world locations
Animal Mystery Bag – Kids’ Favorite Mystery Bag Time!
After the animals are drawn, name their representative habitat and bring to the correct location on the map.

Country Recognition – Through interesting and vivid “maps”,
get to know the whole picture of a country, from architecture, food,
o cultural and historical development, and remove stereotypes

Multilingual Picture Book Time – Listen to stories in different languages ​​
and open your foreign language ears!

Cultural experience time – DIY burgers, DIY hand-painted Russian dolls, Henna stickers.
Learn the geographic locations of the seven continents,
the correct names of animals and their habitats

A correct understanding of a country and culture,
broadening knowledge and broadening horizons

8/13 India + Henna Tattoo Stickers

8/20 Russia + DIY Painted Russian Dolls

13:30~15:30 pm (2 hours)

5~8 years old (parent-child or independent classes are welcome)

Single class registration 1100/class

5% off for three-person group newspapers and introductions from old students (Lara / Hug Parent-Child)

This Thursday’s round trip summer ~ we came to #IndiaIndia.
Lara’s deepest impression of India
is that she watched the love of life and death in the Baolai House
when she was in college. At that time, she watched the heroine singing and dancing under the moonlight~
It was like seeing a fairy descend to the earth~

Later, when I was on a business trip to India for work,
without saying a word, I immediately took advantage of the neutral position to order two sets of saris.

It’s as if I can turn into a heroine in Bollywood
(I found a photo from four years ago ~
the fact that there is no fat around the waist seems to have been a problem in a previous life….)
Seeing a large piece of long cloth, the children were surprised and delighted,
in the end How does this piece of cloth wrap the body?

In this class, we will cut into the topic of India from the perspective of more,
from the sacred cow mounted by Shiva in India to the almost blind Ganges dolphin in the Ganges River,
which allows us to talk about biology, ecology, and humanities. religion.
From the surface of eating, drinking, and having fun,
it brings attitudes and beliefs into life.

And what makes me happiest is that even though it is a single-class activity, t
he age is relatively small (mainly 4~7 years old),
but at the beginning we can still use the puzzle to explain the recent big event in Lebanon to the children.
Explosion event. Because of the map, we can turn the distance into a specific location,
and bring what happened on the Arabian Peninsula in the Middle East to our eyes.
During the process, the children asked,
what is “ammonium nitrate”? It’s really an abstract concept…

It is…. small white crystals….
(If I finish this sentence, I should not be able to answer the next question)
In the era of developed Internet, of course,
take out the mobile phone and see the photo Immediately afterwards,
some children said, “Oh~ it feels a bit like a small particle of pearls!”
This sentence made everyone’s doubts seem to be satisfied all of a sudden~
Think about it, maybe we adults change things a lot. It’s complicated~

Interestingly, most of the children heard the name of the country “Lebanon” for the first time,
and a very cute child said: “Is it a country of mud and tenderness?”

Well~ that’s right! Come~ Let’s all come together to twist the tongue~
Mud and tender Lebanon~ Mud and tender Lebanon~ Mud and tender Lebanon~
(please read it three times aloud)


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