2021 History of Human Cultural Progress

✅The second issue|7/19~23 | 9:00~16:30 | The history of human cultural progress |9~12 years old

👫Suitable for children who have participated in the first phase, or who are interested in history and culture ~

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🌱🌱Two phases of joint registration or special discount of 18900/person for siblings at home (can be divided into installments)

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#HumanCivilizationProgressSummer Camp Is it suitable for children
who have already attended a pirate camp,
or who need a bigger age and interest? the reason is simple! Because..

#14 days of camps all follow the timing of the development of the human civilization world

So if the big historical and geographical concepts
from the 9th to the 15th century have taken root,
you will be more able to move to the next stage😉🕵️‍♂️ But it doesn’t matter if there are difficulties in scheduling, that is, understanding and curiosity should be more vigorous, then Everything is OK~✌️
(Don’t force your child to come if you think the content is good…
That will only waste money and time. The child needs to be motivated to learn to make sense🎖
Features of #Human CivilizationProgressSummer Camp:

🌏 #macro view

It is hoped that by experiencing a historical cultural generation every day,
children can have a macro concept of the development of the entire civilization,
rather than focusing on local details. Why is it important to look up at the whole?
This is a relatively lacking concept in our island culture…
When we focus too much on a certain event, it is not easy to see the whole picture.
For example, when making a puzzle, I always ask the children to put the frame together first,
and then build the interior. The purpose is to first confirm how big the puzzle (the world) is,
and then slowly reduce it to each relative (intercontinental) position.

🕵️‍♀️ #learn from experts

Lara’s expertise is that there are many information channels,
can quickly integrate information from different countries, simplify the complex,
and tell the complex international news to children in a simple way, and guide them to think.
But I don’t know anything. Therefore, in my normal class,
I often invite teachers from different fields to come as a guest.
This summer camp Lara is really excited that this theme
can be recognized by everyone, from the support from the venue to the support of the teachers,

#learning from experts
#Every day there are invited guest lecturers who are professional in this field !!


In the morning, we will quickly review the key points of geographical
discoveries in the 9th to 15th centuries,
and enter the Renaissance period of the 16th and 17th centuries.
From a 👁visual point of view, look at the changes in the style of European
painting over the past few hundred years. Let’s discuss together what has changed?
Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper is still a religious painting,
but why is it so different from the tones and images of the Middle Ages?
Religion is a very key element in the development of human civilization in the past 2,000 years. Faith has not changed, but an attitude towards faith.

In the afternoon, we will pack our bags✈️ and go to Italy🇮🇹Italy! 🥳🥳
When she first started planning the camp, Lara couldn’t find a way to let children
see paintings or museums of this period “with their own eyes” in Taipei City…
Maybe God heard my voice~ Let me see This international “realtime online museum tour” service, so I immediately found relevant people (actually my college classmates!)
to discuss this matter, their group

Kuoni Tumlare Taiwan is a Swiss-Japanese businessman with over 100 years of experience.
It is not a travel agency, but an international-level “ground pick-up”
(you can think of it as an international marketer on all Taiwan travel agencies.
The Taiwanese children started a new project, so on the first day of the camp,
they could “✈️fly to 🇮🇹Florence”, and a professional tour guide
would take you to the origin of the Renaissance! From street view buildings to statues and
paintings in the city center, live tours by hand!


From the Renaissance to the era of the Rational Enlightenment.
Today we are going to learn by listening 👂 and talking 🗣~
From the surging and gorgeous opera music, to the regular classical period,
the familiar Mozart, when intellectuals seek truth,
the musical style also expresses the perfect rhythm.
If you don’t usually have the habit of dabbling in classical music,
maybe this day can open up a different auditory feast. In this class,
we invited Teacher Yirou to lead the children to learn.

🙋‍♀️Teacher Yirou|Little Adult Expression Academy – Music Style Analysis,Speaking Skills
The teacher is an internal training lecturer for many enterprise groups,
and is also invited to major high schools and universities (also to Lara’s alma mater Zhengdaye~) to give speeches on topics related to oral expression.
She has a background in the music department. In fact, this week,
Teacher Yirou also has her own oral expression camp, but seeing such a syllabus,
she supports Lara without saying a word, and she just takes a time to help our children in class!

The second half of the day is to give full play to the spirit of the Enlightenment movement
and use reason to break superstitions!
We will take the children to choose a few “weird powers and chaos” phenomena
that are often encountered in life, and use scientific experiments to solve them~


The first industrial revolution in human history was due to the improvement of the steam engine, which transformed all human resources into material resources,
thereby accelerating the possibility of all production. However,
there is no steam engine in the life of this generation of children.
Instead, it is already Industry 3.0. This time,
we hope to bring children to know the “industrial elements” in life.
The computers and the Internet that are accustomed to are actually the products of Industry 3.0.
We will understand the changes in the world in the past 200 years
from the perspective of economy and society,
from manual –> mass production of machines –> automation.
How has the relationship between people changed?
Are the clothes you wear made by hand or by machine?
Was there air pollution 100 years ago?

In the afternoon, we will continue the study of the previous day,
implement Rousseau’s “I think therefore I am” spirit,
and conduct a debate on the topics discussed in the morning!
Here we will learn that the debate is not a quarrel, let alone a red-faced fight,
but in the process of repeated deliberation,
to determine the logic and respect the other party’s right to speak.
“I don’t agree with you, but I will defend your right to speak to the death.”

On this day, we have invited #PhysicsDoctorCJ to chat with the children
what does #physics have to do with #industrialrevolution?
Who is the support and pusher behind the improved steam engine?
Everything that happens in the world is interlinked,
and the operation of one system directly or indirectly
affects the invention of another field. Dr. CJ will lead the children
to put aside the dualistic world of irrationality and text,
and explore the origin of the Industrial Revolution
from a broader perspective and across fields!


When the world is globalized, every move of every country can affect the whole body.
The expansion of sea power and the influence of colonialism 400 years ago
are still deeply imprinted in many colonized countries.
On this day, we will discuss the phenomenon on both sides
of the development brought about by technology.
The invention of weapons may be used for people’s livelihood at the beginning,
but what impact will it have when it is applied to war?

On this day, I invited Coach Kevin, the curator of Yoseikan Budo Taiwan
of Yangzhengguan Martial Arts-Taiwan Branch, to fix the content of the National Taiwan University
and Shida Swordsmanship Camp every year-#AsiaWarCultural EvolutionLittle
Knowledge Use games to group confrontation, think tactics, and practice archery ,
and learn the agility to face unexpected attacks!
Last year’s Japanese Martial Arts class by Coach Kevin
at Pirate Camp was one of the kids’ favorite classes!

Last year’s courage training video 👉https://yeslara.com/2020 Pirate Camp DAY4

Day 5️⃣.

On the last day, we gathered at the Taipei City Planetarium,
and our children were led by a senior planetarium volunteer, Mr. Winnie,
to explore the mysteries of Mars! In the exhibition hall on the first floor,
we can see the equipment used in the space competition
between the United States and the Soviet Union. Last year,
Elon Musk successfully launched a NASA rocket with a private enterprise.
Maybe the land of Mars immigration is really not far away?
😎The speed of technological development
is accelerated at the rate of N squared, let’s dream big💫💫

In the afternoon, we sincerely invite parents to come to the stage area
of ​​the Taipei Women’s Museum on Mengka Avenue to participate
in the sharing of the children’s achievements~
They will use their favorite way to share with you the impressive content they
have learned this week. 🌷🌷

The results of the last day of the pirate camp last year really touched Lara
and the parents on the scene. Every child is an independent individual.
The content of the whole week is very substantial,
and even adults can’t absorb it all, but even if there is only one lesson
that can be deeply planted in their minds, and then have a positive impact on the future,
such small seedlings are worthy of our planting, Irrigation 🌱

There are many different forms and types of summer camps.
Lara’s summer camp hopes to give children not only a happy week,
but also a time that can give them positive energy and have an impact on their future!


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