2021 Pirate Adventure Camp

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(Maximum 20 people in one session / only available in July!)

✅Phase 1 | 7/12~16 | 9:00~16:30 | Pirate Camp|7~12 years old

👫Suitable for curious children~

🚈Location: MRT Daan Station Exit 6 (3 minutes from the station)

💲Original price 12500/person, early bird price 9500

#earlybird only until April 5 #only 10 places left

🌱🌱[Pirate Camp] Family Siblings Special Offer 18000/2 people (can be installed in installments)

Registration form:https://yeslara.com/2121_summercamp

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The consistent principle of Lara summer camp #learn well #play well #take good care #eat well #learn well

The amount of knowledge in the class is invincible and rich, and the parents who have attended Teacher Lara’s class are my witnesses! “Teach” the world to your child with words he/she can understand! The full amount of knowledge is not hidden!
The two museums are exhausted in one “week”! Professional teachers give vivid explanations, and museum learning will not be tiring!
Bring the scenes that only appear in middle school textbooks to elementary school students without any sense of disobedience.
The great events of the 9th to 15th century world geography discoveries are all packed and brought home!

🔥 #play good

Only when you have fun can you be interested, and when you have motivation, you can learn! Knowledge is not hard to memorize,
from pirate character cosplay, props DIY to “playing house wine”
games that need to judge the purchase of items according to different eras, playing middle school is a must for summer camp,
and learning after playing is absolutely necessary! By the end of the week,
make sure your kids are familiar with the history of the spice trade!

🔥 #eat well

Moss Burger, Chinese Fried Rice Noodles, Sandwiches, Pizza Hut Pizza, and one day free choice for groups.
Have fun eating, and have snacks in the afternoon, you won’t be hungry~😋

🔥 #take good care

Take care of your baby more than the confinement center! With a teacher-student ratio of less than 1:4,
the summer camp is comparable to tutoring classes 😆
Selected team assistant teachers: international school students with both Chinese and English languages,
French graduates with Chinese teacher qualifications, drama students with a high degree of cheerfulness and affinity,
and those who already have Future Child Speech Therapist Masters Students with Clinical Experience!

For two consecutive weeks, 4 team assistants + Fangfang and Lara teachers,
children can rest assured, parents can rest assured🥰

In addition, in this phase of the camp, professional African dance and West African Manding African drum teachers
are invited to learn about the real West Africa with music and rhythm!
Lara loves to play too much 😂
Take the children to explore the world with me! 🤩🤩🤩

🎯First issue(Week) 7️/12~16 ⚓️ Pirate Adventure Camp ⚓️:

It started with the Vikings in the 10th century and continued to the great nautical discoveries of the 15th century.
The historical context of this period of time, let us follow the voyage of the history of ocean development
and start the cognition of geographical history!
This camp includes two guided tours of the museum.

2020 Pirate Camp Course Record:


Day1 👉https://yeslara.com/2020海盜營DAY1

Day2 👉 https://yeslara.com/海盜營Day2

Day3 👉https://yeslara.com/2020海盜營DAY3

Day4 👉https://yeslara.com/2020海盜營DAY4



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