2021 Russian culture experience class

Class time
2021.10.24 (sun)

morning session:10:00-12:00

afternoon session:13:30-15:30

Registration fee
 $1350 / 1 person

👉10% off if two or more people sign up together👈

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The international outlook is not only in English,
the real internalization is cultivated from childhood!
Knowing other people and things in the world from a young age, and then becoming interested,
first you have interest before you can care, and when you care,
you can generate positive energy! May we all open our hearts to the world!

Course flow

🌏Know the geographical location of the world’s seven continents and five oceans

First, let the children put together a whole world map in the way of jigsaw puzzles,
and then introduce the geographical location of the seven continents and five oceans.

🐻Unique animal ecology in each country

Mojo Fun from EnglandHyper-realistic animal models let children help animals find their homes

🇷🇺In-depth introduction to the subject country   

The popular hand-painted “map” in Taiwan is explained in simple terms with photos and patterns.
The cultural characteristics, geographical environment,
customs and customs of the subject country

 🎤foreign language picture book story ballad

Listening to picture books in Russian allows children to be exposed to different foreign languages
and feel the charm of language!

🎨 Fun age-appropriate crafting fun

Cute Russian dolls are carefully drawn by every craftsman~
Let every little artist give full play to their talents!

Teacher Lara (Lara’s multilingual picture book world)


When you think of Russia, what comes to your mind?
Is it a brave fighting nation, or a vodka with a high alcohol concentration?
But in fact….Russia also has cute Russian dolls~

In this class, Mr. Lara will lead the children of all ages to learn about the geography
and famous buildings of Russia from the “map”,
and also have a glimpse of Russia’s profound culture from a historical perspective.
In addition, during the special event in the summer vacation,
each parent-child group can also paint a whole set of wooden Russian dolls
by themselves (the layers are opened one by one, there are 5 in total in one group~)

Come and sign up for the course and get to know the country with the largest territory in the world~Russia~


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