Ching Ming Festival of the world

Class time: 2020.04.03

Class fee: free


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The Ching Ming Festival of the World” Free Zoom online class ended successfully~🥳🥳


Today, there are Lara’s original students, the first time to participate in the big and small classmates, and the students from Chongqing.

Everyone’s participation is very high, although it is a bit heavy topic, everyone is enthusiastic about two hours 👏👏

Starting from the customs of Taiwan, why burn paper money? In the process of burning paper money, you have to fold the paper in half and throw it in to burn it.

Why is this? Are you afraid that the “payee” will not receive it? Or is it actually a conventionalization of science?

Our Qingming Festival in Japan can correspond to the [Obon Festival]

From Tang Sanzang to Mulian saving his mother, I learned the origin of the Obon Festival, and the “West” where Tang Sanzang went to the West to learn scriptures

India, where Buddhism originated

When it comes to India, the story cannot fail to mention the Ganges crematorium, the origin and present of the river of nurture in Hinduism

Let the “non-believers” understand us,

How can we spend all life, old age, sickness and death in a river?

From Taoism to Buddhism, from Indonesian island customs to Madagascar, from Mexico’s Day of the Dead to Czech’s Bone Corner Church

From the Russian cemetery to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, this journey may be worth getting to know early with children

In addition to eating, drinking, and having fun, the issues of life,

Can be cut at different angles

Today we use Google Earth to learn about customs from outer space to different corners of the earth

Look at the attitude of those who think differently from us to face death

Finally, thinking through the chanting of Japanese robot monks, especially on an emotional level

Can robots replace real people?

All the children answered no

Can’t express emotion because of lack of sincerity

Therefore, chasing the end with caution is not about pomp or ceremony

Remembering the deceased, focusing on one heart… I hope they can always remember today’s answers when they grow up…


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