Human Civilization Progress Camp

The second period (week) JULY 19~23  history of human progress

Experience the change in the world every day.


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 After the discovery of the sea, the art developed in the Renaissance period of the 15th and 16th centuries with religion as the main body enriched the aesthetics of the following hundreds of years.
We will get to know the masters of this period and their creations.


In the Age of Enlightenment in the 18th century, human beings are the foundation.
Let us learn the spirit of Descartes’ Cogito,
therefore I am, and let’s have a great debate of the century!


The industrial revolution of the 19th and 20th centuries
can be called the progress of human beings across the ages in history.
If you live in 20th century England, you can witness the invention of the steam train!
But it’s also possible to work hard in a dark mine pit…


Mars Generation. Since NASA landed on the moon,
mankind’s understanding of the universe has leapt forward in the past few decades.
What is Elon Musk’s Mars immigration plan?
Let’s boldly imagine this near future!

Should the online summer camp have a presentation of the results?
In fact, this problem has been plaguing Lara and the team for the past two weeks.
Publishing is not just for parents to see, the focus is to let children have a clear goal + learning in the process of preparation.
The first echelon of the camp we did not publish,
Because the children are of different ages what they need,
Enlightenment is more interested in the world than digesting and presenting in a short time
But the average age of the second echelon is only 2 years old
But this information age 8 is basically a very clear watershed
So after the first day of observation
Parents were asked about their wishes
We decided to hold an online hair and hair meeting on the last day
The standard result presentation is for the children to be divided into two groups
Each collaborates on a museum during these four days.
The content is the relevant people and things that will be learned that day
Newsletter put on google cloud after search
(For details, please see Day1: Summer Camp_Human Civilization Progress Camp_Day1)
Find information, put pictures, learn computer operation skills,
everyone is very enthusiastic ~ but when it comes to “spotlight presentation”

A bunch of people shook their heads… 😅😂
It doesn’t matter. Teacher Lara can always help shy children find a way to solve the problem~😉
Children are shy because they don’t have enough confidence
How can you increase your child’s self-confidence in a very short period of time?
(It feels like an electric tonic 😋😎)
Then.. to aggrieve the adults…
Although it doesn’t sound very positive
But destroy the self-confidence of others
It is indeed a shortcut to enhance yourself,
But Lara can only use what I do at home every day…that is, parents pretend to be weak…😆😆
to warm up Lara specially designed several online games
Group games for adults and children
As a result…the kids are really totally

#by strength
(I’m not lying! My parents don’t seem to be putting water on it~)
Completely failed the adult group 🤣🤣
(Did parents feel that these children should not be underestimated!)
After this battle, I was shy
Also instantly burst of confidence 💪💪
Seriously, When Lara’s parents have a strong inner quality!
(Being a parent of Lara is not easy, please read this: are not easy_Leading by example )
After heating up our venue 🔥🔥 (really hot 😹😹)
Sure enough, it was released~ The first one to announce the museum was Alicia, who was only 7 years old.

She is so young to participate because she is Lara’s daughter 😹
But appoint people on their merits, I have to be fair.
Her briefing was very complete and covered everything we learned over the four days
Da Vinci sketches from the Renaissance
Raphael associates weapons with ninja turtles
Incorporating the source of weapon evolution taught by coach Kevin
Make me proud to be a teacher or a mom!
I believe every parent present, see the other side of their children
Whether it’s their creations or prepared content
The inner thoughts and expressions of the children we think and the actual children
As long as we give our full support and full confidence

Their output is absolutely amazing! 🌷
The work of the children these days is really amazing to me!
Lara still has a small regret in her heart
There is no way to present their work
The inner excitement of last year’s results presentation
It also affects me deeply… #I must let their work be seen!
This idea in mind, Although not teaching art…
But Lara finally found the way to an online museum
Hope there is a little surprise for the children
This is the online exhibition of #2021Lara Human Civilization Progress Summer Camp

Please enjoy 😽😽 Summer Camp_Online Achievement Exhibition


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