LARA’s International Culture Class – Shanghai Course I

Shanghai is the last city where Lara and her children lived,
and there are many friends who are still here. ​Returning to Shanghai for class is extra familiar…..

Every time I teach, I have the feeling of teaching and learning​, and no class is exactly the same. In particular, the international culture class will be adapted to individual conditions, and the composition of students in each class is the reason for class adjustment. The country introduced this time is Germany, a major economic power in the European Union and a major country in humanitarian relief for refugees.

Pudong – Preschool (4~6 years old)

Most of the children in this class had already experienced Russia once in April. Several new partners have also joined

The atmosphere of the whole class was lively, whether it was a 4-year-old child or a 2-year-old elder brother, everyone had the courage to express their thoughts and opinions!

There is also a high level of participation from all the moms, the feeling that everyone is involved in the class,

Make me want to stop!

Given the young age of this class

More emphasis is placed on the understanding of continents, animal time and picture book stories

We quickly remembered Asia and Europe and Africa by singing


One of the interesting things is that when I talked about Grimm’s fairy tales, I explained the Brothers Grimm because they wanted to study the different dialects that were all over Germany at that time.

Just collect folk tales everywhere and compile them into books, which is today’s Grimm fairy tales

This is like having Beijing dialect in Beijing, Shanghai dialect in Shanghai, and Yunnan dialect in Yunnan.

Suddenly a little boy said:

That’s right~ I can only hear what you said, Mr. Lara, a little vague. …

In order to maintain the “dignity” of the teacher, I used an exaggerated reflex to say:

“Yeah! I think what I said is pretty standard!”

Love the reaction, it’s always so real and funny when the kids say how they feel

I can concentrate on listening to the German story “The Big Wild Wolf and the Imaginative Little White Rabbit”


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