LARA’s International Culture Class-International Journalism Class


#know what’s going on in the world,

And have the ability to put forward their own opinions on these things.

To be able to make an opinion doesn’t happen overnight after graduating high school or college. It needs to be accumulated bit by bit from “observation”, “recognition”, “understanding”, “thinking”, and “expression”.

#The ability to put forward opinions starts now!

  • Who will take the class: Lara
  • Why take this course
  • When will the course registration start and how long the course will be:
  • Middle class (5~8 years old) 1hr per class, 8 classes per session
  • Elementary/Primary/Middle School/International News Class 1.5hrs per class, 8 classes per session
  • You can join at any time
  • Where to take the class : Online (Zoom)
  • What courses will be offered
  • Junior Class (5~8 years old)
  • Elementary class (7~12 years old)
  • Elementary and middle school (9~14 years old)
  • International Journalism Class (10 years old~adult)
  • What is the course fee
  • 500NT/1hr/class
  • 550NT/1.5hr/class
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“I want my kids to have an international perspective!”
As parents, we all want our children to be better than us.
I hope that my child will become a dragon and my daughter will become a phoenix.
It hasn’t changed for thousands of years.

Just the form is different.
As a mother and educator, I also often reflect on how I treat my children,
What are the expectations for students?

Think about it, from a learning perspective,
I want them to “learn on their own”,
But it sounds like it should be, but it’s hard at the same time?
When do we start #learning for ourselves?
Think about it, it seems that after leaving the society,
Only when they need work will they know what they lack and make them want to learn;

More importantly, after becoming a parent,
For the sake of children, I want to be better!
“If you change the position, the whole head will be different.”
My first tutoring job after college was teaching high school math, not my good English,

Strange to say, when I was a student taking exams, I always had blind spots,
Obviously the same question type has been written a million times,
When I do homework, I can’t understand it when I take the test.
When students encounter problems that hit a wall,
And once you become a “teacher”, no matter how you look at it, it’s the same type!

“The purpose is different, the angle of seeing things is different”
When learning is a compulsion, everything is boring…boring
, I feel like I can’t remember how to learn,

Children and adults alike. . .

Often encounter computer or engineering related problems, we will say,
“I’m from the liberal arts, you can’t understand the data you’re talking about~”
If we’re going to listen to the “vernacular”, it’s not really because we don’t understand,
But I can’t seem to get it…
“For Oppa’s sake, even grandma would say it’s a slap in the face! 』

#Motivation is everything!

So what we have to do is let the children learn
Motivation, if there is motivation, there will be action, and if there is action, there will be results.
This will take a long time to bloom.

Every time I go to class with these kids, I feel like it’s a testimony to every scene,
Testimony that under the guidance and patient guidance of parents,
how we spend saturday night together,
As a mother, I know that Saturday night has to be in class,
how many difficulties need to be eliminated,
But seeing no absent adults and children,
Lara’s heart is full of joy,

Sometimes, even the unavoidable
party, the kids would also wear headphones outside and listen to what we had to say,
I can’t help but want to turn on the microphone to express my thoughts;
From the beginning only a few people spoke,
Gradually, almost everyone scrambled to have an opinion,
Maybe the unaccustomed will think that the students in our class speak more than the teacher.
But it is so lively, there is an atmosphere of learning together~

Because of this, the shy child also began to smile,
Express yourself in your own way in the classroom
Not knowing where to find international news at first,
Now a person may have more than one news to tell,
From light-hearted tidbits to serious climate change issues,
From national culture, to the discussion of democratic politics
“So there is such a way of class!”
A parent told me their child’s feedback
Yes, this kind of teaching falls under the literacy education of the 108 syllabus,
But more importantly, in this way, our children can walk with more confidence on the way forward!

時間 Time

隔週六 19:00~20:30 Every other Saturday 19:00~20:30

堂數Number of classes

單堂one class, 整期(8堂)Full session (8 classes)


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LARA’s International Culture Class-International Journalism Class
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