LARA’s International Culture Course – Chongqing

Chongqing – Primary School (6~10 years old)

Most of the children’s shoes in this class are kindergarten classmates, and their knowledge of the world is the first class I have taught in the class with the highest average knowledge!

I think it’s due to their Montessori education

Although my own child is not Mongolian

But already heard

Montessori’s teaching aids place great emphasis on children’s knowledge of the world and the concept of geographic location is great!


Such a smile makes being a teacher so satisfying~


In two weeks, it will be the favorite of mothers who are busy and stressed every day….Double Eleven…. What are you going to do on Double Eleven?

Of course it’s going to be on Taobao! (Big mistake XD) In ​​fact, 11.11 is a very important sharing day in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and other places

A little cartoon through Germany

We met “Saint Martin – Saint Martin’s Day”

Representing the spirit of helping the poor, and having good intentions and helping others will not and should not change due to changes in the times

In the evening of this day, children in Germany will carry lanterns

Singing the songs of St. Martin in the streets

To commemorate this day of sharing warmth

The 3 classes this time allowed me to see the positivity and initiative of this group of children, as well as a high degree of concentration.

When I see the bright eyes of the children

It’s as if I forgot the time for class… This is the best feedback from a teacher

What Lara can bring to children is this desire for the world!

Looking forward to meeting you next time with all the children!



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