LARA’s International Culture Course – Shanghai Course I I

Gubei – Primary School (6~10 years old)

This class is a very special composition, from different schools: there are children from Shanghai School, Japanese Overseas School, and International School.

The combination of Chinese, English and Japanese naturally appeared in the classroom.

Carefully study the location of the seven continents

In the class, we introduced the origin of the traditional German kink bread, and tasted the salty taste. As a result, the more and more people ate, the more hungry they were. After eating the bread, it was not enough! We also met a “Mr. Goose” who made great contributions to the spread of European civilization

( Gensfleisch – Gens means goose in German, Fleisch means meat )

This is the famous “Johannes Gutenberg” (Johannes Gutenberg) in later generations. This is a person’s name, not a castle~

Don’t be the same as Teacher Lara before, silly and unclear ^^

Although Bi Sheng of ancient China invented movable type printing in the Song Dynasty, 500 years earlier than Gutenberg

However, because Chinese pictographs are completely different from the basic writing of European Pinyin characters, they have been unable to be used in Europe.

Until the advent of Gutenberg’s first movable type {Gutenberg Bible} in AD 1455

Writing really began to spread in large numbers across the Continent. So why is it called “Mr. Goose”?

Because Gutenberg was later renamed according to the place of residence, when the father of European movable type printing was born

His surname may be based on the family father’s occupation (goose seller)

It’s called Gensfleisch. I deliberately call it “Mr. Goose” in class

I also hope that children can get to know this important person and event in a humorous and interesting way.


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