Norse Mythology Workshop


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🧞🧜‍♂️ Workshop on “Nordic Mythology”

Thor THOR – is the Marvel hero that almost adults and children know

But to the title of the movie Thor 3 #Rag of the Gods

How many do you know?

It turns out that this is not just a translation of a movie title, but a #NordicMyth story that has been passed down for thousands of years

In this workshop, Lara will introduce:

⚡️Norse mythology

– Let’s meet 💪 Thor, Odin the Great, and 🧝‍♀️ Loki, the troublemaker.

These three protagonists in Norse mythology are indispensable

Relationships are also complicated 😅

📅 The origin of the week

– Monday, Tuesday…Lara turned into an English teacher, you can easily remember how to speak English from Monday to Friday without memorizing!

It turns out that the naming of these dates is also related to Norse mythology.

#Accompany the children after class and then go to see Thor make you a myth pass that children worship

🏴‍Viking saga

– Who exactly are the Vikings? What’s so great about them? Why is it said that many people in Europe and even Asia may be descendants of Vikings?

Is Iceland full of 🌬🔥 what they found?

Greenland covered by white snow❄️❄️, why is GREENLAND in English?

#Global village immigration actually started 1000 years ago


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