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📍: 2021.5.18~28, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

⏰: Noon 12:00~12:30 (Open at 11:55)

💲: Free Free

🏠: ZOOM online (interactive)

Theme: Epidemic Prevention New Life x Lara Multilingual Story Special Event


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 # Epidemic Prevention New Life # Lara Multilingual Story Special Event
Affected by the epidemic, classes are often suspended without warning.
Many parents are faced with work and family arrangements. Now they must be overwhelmed…

Children need attention at home, parents need to work at home… Mobile phones and computers 3C
all-you-can-eat is sometimes a decision of last resort… Our family has had the experience of suspending classes last year, and last week the school also asked children to bring their textbooks I took it home (so I was prepared), I made an appointment with the children yesterday for three chapters, and asked them to draw the timetable by themselves. For the next two weeks, we will practice according to the timetable. Breakfast time and class time are the same. Indeed, the day went much better than last year when classes were suspended for the first time.

Mom is a heavy computer user, and my work is always at home,
so it is very important for everyone to live peacefully at home~😆

Lara’s team can’t do much, they can only use their own expertise in storytelling,
hoping to give moms at least a day and a half of relief~

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for two consecutive weeks, from 12:00 to 12:30,
turn on the computer and let us tell the story to the children~

One language (there will be Chinese translation) every day, English, Russian, Japanese and German,
brings a little exotic feeling to the new life of epidemic prevention,
two weeks are very fast, keep it! Let’s protect together!


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