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Before coming to Taiwan Reyhanli Center this time, I have been thinking about what can I do?
Take classes, of course, no problem! But 2 or 3 short lessons, what can change? Just a passerby…

What is my greatest asset to my child? Picture books are the most influential! When I worked hard to promote multilingual picture books in Taiwan and volunteered to hold a book fair for the school every year,
it was not just for work or socializing, but I truly believed in the power of books.
My picture book journey started when my son was still in the womb.
Before the age of 7, I read three books a day without missing a single day.
Therefore, I am very fortunate to develop children’s appetite and habit of books.

Until I started arranging multilingual picture book courses, it enriched my choice of picture books.
I am convinced that a good picture book can deeply root people’s hearts and change their minds;
a good life story is enough to shake people’s choices for the future.

With this idea in mind, when I came to Turkey this time, I also brought some books,
including English, Arabic, and Turkish. I hope that these books will light up the light in the children’s hearts….
I was a little worried at the beginning, after all, there is no habit of reading here,
let alone buying books, most Syrian families It is difficult to even buy a 30 NTD notebook,
let alone books that are not necessary for people’s livelihood?
Will they be interested? Will they want to see it? Will they love books?
One by one doubts swirled in my mind, but the hesitation was quickly dispelled on the first day of my arrival.

Here, children’s enthusiasm for learning and thirst for knowledge are the students that every teacher dreams of.
Not only in interactive classrooms, but the moment I saw them open the book, I knew that the door had been opened!
The moment I saw the children’s eyes light up, I knew that light had penetrated their hearts.

Maybe we can’t travel thousands of miles with them at the moment, but through the words and pictures in good books, we bring the world to our children. The more resource-poor areas, the more need for good books, why?
Because children know the appearance of the world only by relying on these books
and carefully simulated encyclopedias, in order to present the world truly.

Through careful scrutiny and consideration of the words,
it can increase children’s language ability and narrative organization structure,
so that children can develop logic and storytelling ability in the process of reading.
It will be of great help to study and work in the future.

Humans always have an innate appreciation for beautiful things.
The first impression of a book becomes a positive connection
when we see the soft picture and touch the textured pound print.
Such feelings can drive children’s yearning and love for books.
When we are talking about education, in addition to active courses, passive autonomous learning is a key part.

A good picture book is comfortable and pleasing ~
it will give people the motivation to move forward.
In Taiwan I never buy cheap books, and in Turkey, I don’t bring cheap books.
Because books are the most worthwhile investment, and no matter who the reader is, they deserve the best!


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