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This time I was invited by #OnePlusChildren’s Space to come to Tainan to hold a #RussianCultural Experience Class. I am really happy!

Although affected by the epidemic, it has been postponed from June to October

But instead, it gave Lara a good reason to “go on a business trip” with two little teaching assistants.

Seriously, this space is amazing! The ideas and concepts of the classroom owner are really worthy of admiration!

It is really not easy to be willing to spend such a large cost to let the children enjoy the spacious, free and log atmosphere!

“I didn’t expect our children in Tainan to be so lively~”

A friend who participated in the course told me this. Lara has taught many different classes and is lively and is the norm for kids!

I have encountered a very quiet class, but it made me feel a little bit hard. Responsiveness and interaction are the greatest encouragement from the teachers!

Parents who have taken Lara classes should have felt it

Our kids really love to post

But Lara’s requirements for order are also very high~ Mutual respect between people is the first priority

There are many rules to learn

To experience a culture, you can access it from different perspectives: food, clothing, housing, transportation, the most important of which is food!

In the morning of the 4-6 year old class, I invite the children to taste the taste of #russianpinecones like Martha

It seems that everyone is not familiar with squirrels, and their tastes are not very suitable, but when they change to honey cake, everyone loves it.

Interestingly, a foreign father came to the class of 6~8 years old in the afternoon, at first I didn’t know where he was from

But it wasn’t until the kid came over to me after eating the cake and said “vkusno” (meaning delicious in Russian!) that I didn’t know the father was Russian!

It made me so happy to share his feelings with me after class~As a Russian

I agree with the depth and breadth of my course introduction

Especially in one of my favorite memes: “Guess who is Russian? 』

In this picture there are different ethnic groups in Russia, I ask children and children to circle who is the person

Most people will choose one (after all, we are used to doing multiple choice) but in fact

12 grids are all! There is no shortage of Asian-like appearances in it, which is interesting

Usually the students I meet will say something like Taiwanese or Japanese or Korean

But this time a child said: “That style is very similar to Tainan people!

After class, we discussed a very interesting point with Russian Baba

If it’s a Russian to explain, it might feel like…”that’s it”, “that’s what we eat”

Because this is their culture, it is very smooth, but when a foreigner observes, it is more likely to think about the cultural differences in the middle

And pull him out into a point

For example: we grew up eating oyster noodles, for me

All I have to think about is whether to make the intestine bigger, or a little more vinegar, but for Europeans

All thickened foods are almost unacceptable, because it seems to be snot in the nose….

(Hope I didn’t cause too much mental shadow area….)

If it hadn’t been said by a foreigner, we might never have thought in that direction for the rest of our lives

So in other words, #culture is compared

Because of such differences in feelings and opinions, the uniqueness of culture can be better reflected.

In the past two days, John Oliver introduced Taiwan’s program

It is also a concept that #outsiders explain more clearly

when standing in an objective third party

The starting point would be much purer, but aside from the question of position

The logical argument is also a big point

Taiwan’s education for decades has been dominated by obedience and obedience

In recent years, more and more parents and teachers have begun to work hard to make “children learn to express”.

Methodology is indeed important, and many children are now more and more able to express themselves, but the content of expression is even more important!

Words, content and logic are indispensable

Come to think of it, it seems like our kids generation is under a lot of pressure and has a lot to learn

Lara believes that Yes & No, times are changing, and the way and content of learning have changed.

In the past, if we wanted to learn a Chinese character, we needed a thick dictionary

Now Google can immediately know the pronunciation and stroke order, so the time to learn one thing is shortened

There will be more natural content. Instead of worrying, embrace it!

The world is very big and interesting. Lara’s purpose is to bring the world to children, so that they can be exposed to “different” ideas from a young age. Without some stereotypes, there will be more possibilities for understanding; more empathy

Life will be smoother and the world will be more peaceful

When I was a kid, I always thought the #WorldPeace about the Miss World pageant was very contrived.

But now I really take #WorldPeace as my wish

This sharing is suddenly a bit heavy

But the process of class is very joyful~ Don’t get me wrong, just after the slow life these few days

It is very fun to share some ideas with you, Mr. Lara’s class!


#OnePlusChildren’s Space

#russian culture experience


#5-year-old must understand the international outlook

#Thank you friends for participating


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