Russian Culture Experience Class Taipei


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The nature of the single cultural experience workshop is different from the normal class, because there is no understanding of multiple classes

So usually I have more time to speak. But Lara is lucky

Often meet children + parents who are very willing to interact

So I won’t be singing a one-man show~ I think this should be the happiest feeling in class as a teacher


This time, I was invited by AQmore to hold a #RussianCultural Experience Workshop at #新光新意A8

There are students from the age of 5 to the “6th grade” who participated together! 😆😆

And it is really “everyone involved”, students of all ages are great, and they raised their hands enthusiastically 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ to speak

Although the small headset is halfway up, it will run out of power.

But still very hilarious 🤩

Because class this weekend happens to be Easter in Europe

So we also pondered a little more about the origin of this festival.

On the map the children counted the number of Orthodox churches

Among them is a wooden church on Kizhi Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

There is such a legend…

It is said that during WWII

A German Air Force officer was ordered to blow up all the buildings on the island

But the officer looked stunned from the air!

He couldn’t bear to destroy such a beautiful wooden building, so he disobeyed the military order

Because of his kindness, this wooden church built without a single nail was preserved.

Since it is a “legend”, it means that there is no evidence…

But with this “legend” we can extend a discussion: #if you were that officer what would you do?

Almost everyone said “I’ll disobey orders”, even when I reminded

Disobedience will be punished~🙃 It extends from here

If an adult around you asks you to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable and unkind,

What will you do?

I think this is a very deep ethical question,

It may be difficult to discuss the results

(There are too many situations) But I hope I can throw this introduction

Possibility to start thinking….

Of course, we are not a philosophy class, and we can only go to the point of limited time.

For two and a half hours, we also tasted Russian desserts 😋

Telling the hand-painted Russian doll 🧚‍♀️Lara teacher really has no artistic skills 😅 but the ability to appreciate is still a bit~

When I see the serious expressions of each child, I feel that it is a beautiful picture~😍

Want to see more photos from this event?

You can go to AQmore’s fan club or official website:


The team of Shui Moer not only wants to make the girls safe and non-toxic 💅💅 have many ideas and expectations for the education of girls and boys

That will lead to the beginning of this class. Lara is happy to work with them

Looking forward to bringing you more different cultural experiences in the future

#Russia 🇷🇺 This theme can be said to be the essence of my life for the past 10 years

No matter how to share, different objects and different combinations can have different sparks 💥 I always enjoy one or the other


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