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The first recommended book!

#Escape from this book is the happy interaction between Lara and her daughter every day this week.# Chuangguanshu
The cover of the book is printed with #literacy-oriented new type of knowledge reading book,
but I think everyone may not be able to understand this paragraph.
I know too well what I’m talking about  🤣😅 I’ll take it for you to see!
(If you don’t want to read the text, you can click the video to watch it now 😉)

Introducing this set of #escape this book in detail There are two books in the series:
#Shipwreck Survival & #Pyramid Adventure

We played the first one first – Titanic! This is not a novel,
and the plot is not developed “following the trend”,
but the next fate is determined by each choice of the little readers.
So each look may yield different results. In a certain page, we have to find several different musical symbols, and after finding the correct number, we can know which page to turn to next.
This is a very interesting reading experience,
and it feels that the book is alive~ Plus The plot is tense (if you don’t pass the level, the ship will sink…)
So when we read it together, it’s like watching a movie, and the scene is vivid in my mind~

#parent-child reading

For Lara, the reason why I chose this book as the first recommendation is that I had a lot of fun reading it with my children.
Therefore, the mother’s own expectations are no less than the child’s own imagination ~
we have no standard answer in the process of exploring together,
and it feels good that the mother and daughter team work together! 👩‍❤️‍👨

#fun adventure 

Each page has a different task, sometimes it is to find clues from the picture,
sometimes it is to draw an imaginary picture,
turning from page 10 to page 158 is a very common thing, not paragraphs.
The process of using your brain and hands makes this book full of fun 😻
There is no time to stop! Whether it’s a parent-child reading or self-reading, children will love it!

ℹ️The two books add up to less than 4️⃣0️⃣0️⃣⁉️
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