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Lara read this book four times before writing this introduction! !

It’s not because the content is too difficult to write, but I have read it four times and have different understandings,
and I found that it has a good sense of hierarchy! The first time I watched it myself,
the second time I watched it with my children,
and the third time I watched it after reading the introduction of author Tim Marshell!
The fourth time should be in this article, turning back and forth from time to time and adding another layer…

#How the world is changing geography to answer

This book summarizes geography, history, and international relations.
Tim Marshell, a British journalist, combined his more than 30 years of interviews
and his views into a general compilation of #internationalsituation.
The Chinese version was published by Parent-Child World in August this year.

When I read it for the first time, I really felt that… um…
This should at least take high school to understand the intricate international situation!
It doesn’t seem to be the same age as my parents, but I am very happy to watch it myself~
For a person who likes an international outlook, this is simply a collection of sunflowers!
And if any adult reads this book, his knowledge of international relations is basically enough!
An introduction to “Super Simplified” taken after the first review

But… just when I was going to make my own video, my 9-year-old son picked it up and read it,
and my 6-year-old daughter came over. This book is actually not that difficult! So I
recorded the interaction of our reading, and took some clips to share with you~



Where is the largest country in the world? Maybe most children can say “Russia” ~
but how big is the biggest? Do we really have a concept of the figure of 17 million square kilometers?
But if a five-year-old sees long train tracks on a map, and you tell him that it takes 7 days and 6 nights to cross Russia by train,
then maybe it’s a good idea! The same concept happened in yesterday’s online class.
We talked about Ethiopia in Africa. I asked the students, do you know how many people there are in Ethiopia?
No one can tell…. So I said, which country do you think the numbers are similar to?
Which of Taiwan, Japan, China? Most people choose Japan.
The population base of these three places is indeed an obvious choice.
It is more intuitive to use this method than giving them the number “more than 100 million people”!

Read with your children: Russian



When we talk about modern China, we usually think of Beijing and Shanghai.
Although we know about the Tibet issue,
we never really understand why there are so few people there but they are so tightly held?
This book tells us the answer with a full-page picture – water source!
The Himalayas at the junction of China, India and Nepal are not only the highest Mount Everest in the world,
but also the birthplace of three major rivers in China. Even in the 21st century
when the country is no longer based on agriculture,
whoever controls the water source will take it for granted that he will have a strong hold on the other side.
It can be proved by the same reason that India and Pakistan have the same problem,
and Roshmir (yes…that scarf…) is in a critical area.
In September and November of this year, India fought with China and Pakistan respectively over the border issue.
This is the main reason. International relations also have contexts to follow in the treacherous,
so to understand the whole, you can really understand a single news world.

China (Development of the Navy, South China Sea Situation)



This year, I’ve done a lot about America, especially the issues raised by #BlackLivesMatter,
whether it’s a course or a #ThursdayProNews video.
I think people all over the world will say “America is a superpower.”
Whether they like it or not, the United States has a decisive influence on the world in all aspects.
This book uses another way to let us understand why the United States is a powerful country?
(To be honest, I originally thought the author was an American,
why would he praise the United States so much? XDDD but he is British~)

Map of Large U.S. Overseas Military Bases (2015)

I used to think that the United States uses culture to assimilate the world.
However, cultural invasion exists, but the actual act is “military invasion”.
This picture shows the US military base in a “non-local” state.
Frankly speaking, I didn’t know that the US military even had troops in Germany until Trump decided to withdraw its troops from Germany this year! (The previous impression was Afghanistan and South Korea).
The global superpower is really not a vain name…



Europe, which must be mentioned, carries the history of civilization development of mankind for nearly a thousand years.
From a geographical point of view, it is possible to distinguish the development of southern and northwestern Europe.
Of course, the two world wars in this century have also rewritten the global map.
By the way, the English reprint of this book was in 2019, when the United Kingdom had not yet successfully left the European Union,
so it was still included in the scope of the European Union on the map.
But in 2020, the dust has already fallen,
and this small place has also been discovered by the sharp-eyed son ^^



Africa is really far away from us…not only geographically distant,
but also culturally ignorant…most of us have an impression of it: poverty, hunger, constant civil wars….
I heard it when I was a child The Starvation Thirty campaign,
the sending of old shoes to Africa, the genocide at the movie Grand Luanda Hotel,
it seems that none of them are positive. …

In this book, two maps in the shape of Africa are used to give us some key points about Africa – colonization.
As can be seen from the left picture on the left side, different colors represent the colonial powers of different European countries,
with France and the United Kingdom being the largest.
The picture on the right shows the size of Africa at a glance. This is something we can’t see on the jigsaw….
the size presented on the map is not the real size because of the latitude, but you know what?
Africa is three times the size of the United States!

Middle East

Like the stereotype of Africa, our first instinct when it comes to the Middle East is chaos.

But where did this chaos come from? Although it is said that this area has been in chaos for thousands of years…
But after the First World War, Britain and France (the two of them again!) really have to pay a lot of responsibility….
(Although now It seems to be replaced by the United States…)
After the First World War, these two European powers insisted that different ethnic groups
were grouped together into one country according to the distribution of “geographical location”,
or conversely, the ethnic groups with the same language and the same species
were forcibly divided into different groups A country that has turned an unsettled area into a complete minefield…


The trade war between Australia and China, which has been so fraught in recent months, has been foretold in this book. (Once again, the international situation depends on the overall situation, not a single news event.) Originally, Australia has always been a good friend of China’s trade, and its attitude is always friendly, but after the outbreak of the COVID19 epidemic, many hidden compromises The imbalance and the imbalance are gradually exposed. Last month (2020.10), Australia, Japan, India and the United States jointly held a four-nation security meeting. Suddenly, Australia seems to be not only the immigrant paradise Australia famous for its kangaroos and koalas ~ but also a powerful force in the South Pacific.

The book also introduces the relationship between Japan and South Korea,
the division of power in the Arctic, and even the future of reaching out to outer space.
And Lara’s recommendation objects also drop from high school, college, and adults to elementary school.
Like the video above, the interaction with your child doesn’t have to be very deep or complete to work.
A good guide book is the most important thing to arouse interest.
There are many simple introduction books about world culture,
which only state data or superficial introduction
(ex: There are xx countries on the African continent, population xxxxx, area xxxxx, which live here? tribe xxxx)
but geography books that add perspectives are rare and rare….

The English title of this book is [ Prisoners of Geography : Our World explained in 12 simple maps. ]
When I saw the word Prisoner, I really smiled~ It turns out that everyone is a prisoner of geography…?

#How the world has changed Let geography answer

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Extra Featured!

#Read 10 minutes in the morning, the world is different from what you think

This book is really only suitable for reading at the age of middle school students and above, pure text.
Suitable for middle school students over 10 years old to read.

The original text of this book is excerpted from the articles of famous authors such as Milan Kundera,
and then selected and edited by international NGO worker Chu Shiying, with a guide reading.
I hope to break through everyone’s stereotypes about a specific culture
and thinking about life through articles from different countries.

The recent incident of Taiwanese university students committing suicide may cause the society to think,
is the responsibility of students really only to study well and get 100 marks in the exam?
The world is very big, if our children know that the world is not just classrooms when they grow up,
and they can be full of enthusiasm and expectations for the world in the simplest years,
instead of locking themselves in a corner of pressure, would it be even better? Okay?

# Parent-Child World #Group PurchaseBook#November Limited#International View Books starts today to 11/20,
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