Education sharing session without “blocking” part I

Education sharing session without “blocking” part I

After a long talk after the summer vacation of 2019,
I was invited to be the planner of the Aisibo Education Platform – Parent-Child Education.
For those of us who work alone, it is very motivating to have a platform to come together and form a team.
So I immediately shared this message with a few teachers who I admired very much on weekdays.
Fortunately, I got a positive response from everyone!
So, on November 30th – the concept of education sharing meeting without “blocking” opened the prelude~

In fact, we came up with this topic through layers of discussions at that time. Under the current education system,
much of the teaching consists in filling the schoolchildren’s brains with knowledge and repeated practice.
As a result, in the end, the child becomes elastic and fatigued, blocked by various formulas and memorized words,
and can no longer think. Seeing that so many children are blocked,
parents are also unable to do more research because they are running back and forth between the workplace and the family,
such a vicious circle makes us, who are also parents, unable to hold back any longer, jumping out and investing in education .
This sharing session is to hold on to this central idea, condense the struggles of several lecturers in different fields,
and explain what we are doing? What is our educational philosophy?
What’s the difference with the other courses? What kind of education that is not “blocked”
can be provided for us to gather on this Aisibo platform?

Lara – international action

The international action capability that cannot be ignored in globalization,

Develop future talents that will not be replaced by AI

As the first opening, I ask everyone what is “international outlook”? Unexpectedly, my super big fan immediately raised his hand and replied: “My mother is teaching international outlook!”

To be honest, I’m very happy that my daughter gave me such a face,
and indeed gave me the first step of international view – getting to know other countries –
correctly defined! Kenichi Ohmae said that an international outlook is
“knowing what’s going on in the world, and having the ability to put forward opinions on these things.”
So who should you know first? Where? What happened? Why?

We quickly simulated the state of the class, and asked the adults to play Bingo with the national flag,
and the children to play the game of drawing animals together.
I hope that through such an interpretation,
everyone will know that the cultivation of international literacy can really start from an early age!

What children now face in the future is no longer a small fortune in the alleys. In the past year,
young people around the world have been fighting constantly.
There have been protests in at least 10 countries on all continents.
The common point is the direct competition of globalization. ,
the more extreme the distribution of resources and the greater the gap between the rich and the poor.
Now that our children are still in school, we have seen such things happen.
Will the situation become simpler in the next ten years?

1/19 (Sun) In conjunction with the “Tutankhamen” exhibition at Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall during the winter vacation,
a 2-hour parent-child pre-show course will be held.
Children and adults who are interested in Egyptian culture and want to go to the exhibition are welcome to sign up.
Come to the class first, then go to the exhibition, the museum will no longer look at shallow!

Blueberry Mummy – Language Learnin

From children to adults, from picture books to learning

Adhere to self-discipline and embrace a wide range of language learning

This day also happens to be the 11th anniversary of Blueberry Mummy’s debut.
There were many children who were already in elementary school,
and they all grew up listening to the teacher’s Japanese stories and songs.
There was really a feeling of peaches and plums all over the world~
Although she has the halo of a doctorate from the University of Tokyo,
Teacher Tingting has always been a teacher. She is trembling,
hands-on, without a moment’s carelessness.
This is my impression of her. Bringing Japanese picture books and ballads back to Taiwan,
she has her footprints from south to north.
On this day’s itinerary, the teacher first took a class in Zhubei in the morning.
After going home and cooking lunch, he rushed to Taipei.
After the last second, he rushed back to Hsinchu to prepare dinner for the child.
Then he drove to Changhua and prepared to spend a day in Taichung the next day. full day course.
There is a word to describe her: people who are better than you are more serious than you!
If you want to ask working women how to balance career and family, I think Blueberry Mummy is the best example!

Teacher Tingting’s courses start with Japanese picture books for children,
and go to the mother’s class with sukiyin and Wenqing’s novel class. Language is just a tool.
On the basis of Japanese learning, life education is injected into it.
Can you imagine Japanese as a second foreign language in high school and university,
and also use picture books to learn it? Picture books are not only for small children,
but the depth of the selected picture books can be explored,
so that Teacher Tingting’s high school students can open their imaginations! In the end,
the teacher also returned the right of learning to the students.
The Japanese teaching provided at the Aisi Expo in 2020 has the following possibilities.
Please take the opportunity to leave a message
at the [Japanese Picture Book Parent-Child Reading Club] of the Blueberry Mummy Club:

Huang Lixin – Reading Self-Learning Ability

The ability to take it with you is the cornerstone of your life

Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader

“Bookworm” cultivator and reading and surfing instructor,
these two titles are no longer appropriate to describe Mr. Erin!
I myself am a person who has the habit of reading, and the two in my family are also called “bookworms”.
Having attended Mr. Erin’s reading class, I learned more clearly how to organize information in an orderly manner, distinguish it,
and most importantly, cultivate the ability to analyze cause and effect,
and clarify the difference between facts and opinions.

Mr. Erin has never wanted to “formulate reading”.
For example, after reading a class, the composition can get xx points and so on.
But think about it carefully, reading literacy is not far away!
The large and small exams that children face every month are a real test of their reading ability.
So often parents will say, is this a test of mathematics or a test of Mandarin? !
I can’t understand the question, and it’s useless in the meeting….
After each test, journalists interview the students under test,
and they often hear the answer: “I can’t finish writing the question”…
In fact, it all comes back to ==> Lack of reading ability! Such deficiencies,
in our educational system, the solution is often reduced to… write more quizzes! Anyway,
if you write too much, you will become a robot…
You will know what to answer when you see the first 10 words of the question…
You don’t need to read all the questions. But is this really the cure?
What to do when the question type becomes flexible?
What should really be cultivated is not the ability to write the correct answer, but the process of analyzing and judging.

Mr. Erin’s [2020 Reading Surfer Course] is the first parent-child series of Aisibo courses,
and it is the cornerstone of our hope for children to settle down in the future!

Group photo of Michelle (middle), the founder of Aisibo Education Center, and the lecturers

Intermission Dessert and turkey specially prepared by Espo
Education sharing session without “blocking” part II to be continued…

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