Maria Skłodowska-Curie

Maria Skłodowska-Curie

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Maria Skłodowska-Curie (1866~1934)
Maria Skwodowska aka. Marie Curie

Born into a financially strapped and spiritually wealthy family, relying on his own efforts,
he first made a way out for his family and then for himself. Even with outstanding academic performance,
in sexist Poland, you can only be a tutor. Until I went to study in France,
but it did not soar to the sky. Because of the lack of language, I worked harder,
and finally I was able to devote myself to the chemical research I loved, and got married with Mr. Curie, who was like-minded.

The two do not seek fame and fortune, they believe that science belongs to all human beings.
Even if life is difficult, they are not tempted by fame and fortune.
They extracted radium (radium) and won the Nobel Prize in Physics.
Opportunity to benefit from the extensive use of radiation.
However, due to long-term exposure to toxic substances,
Mr. Curie died unexpectedly in a trance of physical discomfort.
After that, he took up the responsibility of raising two daughters by himself, and continued to devote himself to research,
and won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.


A few years later, because of his emotional sustenance as a married man,
he was notorious and could only escape from the world. Until the outbreak of the First World War,
he did not reserve everything for France, invented the X-ray car to not be afraid of danger,
and went to the front line to detect wounds for soldiers, with the success rate of precision surgery.
Throughout his life, he has made countless contributions to the country,
indifferent to fame and fortune but reciprocated with gratitude.
Finally, he died of leukemia due to long-term exposure to radiation poisoning. . . .

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