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Free shipping on orders over 800! World Book_LARA The most recent class came to Mexico 🇲🇽 Mexico From introducing Mayan culture to Aztec It cannot but be mentioned that Central America has given the world a great gift COCAO & VANILLA Cocoa & Vanilla However, the focus of this article is not on the course content. But through the understanding of the cultivation process of Cocoa COCAO We talked about #child labor

It must be admitted that the children in the classroom are not the front line of poverty In the photos, children of their age are seen working, standing on trees to harvest cocoa beans, Skinny children carry sacks that may be the same as themselves No child can understand if they fall and get whipped. … Instead, he will say: Then I’ll grab the whip of the guy who hit me and hit him!

Then I can eat all-you-can-eat chocolate without a meal!

In fact, I heard such “crazy words” As a teacher, I am happy and sad. It is a joy for these children to grow up Not forced to feel the weakness of “powerlessness”…

The worry is why not eat the bubbles of minced meat I can’t understand the real world as a mother I sincerely hope that my children will never be forced to face a cruel world But such hope doesn’t mean they don’t need to know the real side of the world And “picture book” is always the best way for children to explore the world

The original set of books was published in the UK in 2017 [Children in our Wolrd: Poverty and Hunger]

The Chinese version is translated as [children in the world] Published by Parent-Child World. 4 books in one volume on 4 major issues These four topics are not something that can be opened up with children with just a few words on weekdays. If there is an appropriate entry point or picture book Children are more able to understand

Why is there poverty and hunger?

Why are there refugees and immigrants?

Why is there discrimination and prejudice?

Why is there an international conflict?

The structure of the book is clear First explain what is the essence of each issue Why does it happen? Where does it happen? What can be done? Who can help? The contents of each book are clearly marked.

1. Why is there poverty and hunger?

What is poverty? Who is suffering from poverty? What caused it? Who can help? What can you do?

Try asking your child 『 What can I do for NT$50? 』

A trip to 7-11 downstairs may be gone for a 50-dollar copper plate Of course, most of them now use Easy Cards Then you can’t feel the weight of money However, 50 Taiwan dollars is for some families in the world It could be the cost of a day’s meals for the whole family

Taiwan’s society is relatively equal in the world Plus we have 12 years of compulsory education Almost all children can go to school So the concept of #child labor is for most Taiwanese children can be difficult to understand So when we see pictures of #childlabour in our classrooms It’s really hard to resonate right away This is where the adult explanation is important.

There are many reasons for poverty It may be that the country is still in a developing country, the geographical environment is barren, Man-made disasters caused by war may also be more frequent occurrences of natural disasters caused by global warming

For the reasons mentioned above

As a result, children in these places not only cannot go to school I am also forced to work 10-14 hours a day for food and clothing

Poverty brings harm not only physically but also psychologically Fortunately, there are some charities in the world that help the poor

not just giving them food or supplies Rather, teach them in depth how to learn to improve their own lives Build schools and hospitals

And we may not be able to join such an organization at this stage So what can we (readers) do as children? at the end of each book also provided some suggestions

2. Why are there refugees and migrants?

Who are refugees? Who are immigrants? Why live in another country? This book allows you to lead your children to understand the major issues in Europe in the past 5 years The word “refugee” has appeared frequently in news reports over the past few years. And Taiwan has also been facing up to the rights and interests of “new residents” in recent years These nouns may not be clearly distinguishable for ignorant children.

Seems to be the concept of ”immigration” But don’t know how to explain it properly?

than refugees Children in Taiwan may be more exposed to migrant workers or new residents These people came to Taiwan from abroad to work for a short time or because of work or marriage to live in Taiwan. They are not forced, and all documents are processed through normal channels

such a situation we call immigrants What about refugees? Usually a group of people who are forced to leave their homes hastily within a short period of time The biggest reason is usually a war or violent domestic political upheaval when they leave not enough time to prepare Even grabbing a few clothes and leaving in a hurry Living in another safe country without a passport or visa

They must live in makeshift refugee camps Waiting months or even years for applications It is possible to enter a safe country to live in But for Taiwanese children Seeing the tent directly associates with joy.”Weekend camping” It’s hard to imagine what it’s like to live under a tent with insufficient water and electricity for a long time In recent years, many artistic picture books abroad have begun to discuss the issue of refugees In particular, European countries have accepted many refugees, and Germany has compulsory education for children. As long as children in Germany have the right to education Therefore, the government placed many refugees in various schools in the country Learn to recognize refugees’ native environment and how to integrate them Even refugees learning German has become an important policy of the German government

Taiwan because of geographical factors Maybe not have the same problem But will our children follow Europe in the future? Do you have contacts with other countries in the Americas? The answer is obvious

So start understanding this issue from now on Just in time! At the end of the book are attached Chinese and English bilingual [related words] Recognize the nouns mentioned in this book

3. Why is there racism and prejudice?

Adults say that white skin is beautiful, so dark skin is ugly? I hate being different from me? Prejudice is not inherent

It is given by acquired social concepts!

#BlackLivesMatter Discrimination against blacks is at a high point again this year Several events from the United States this year Let’s go back to the cause and effect of history

However, does racism only happen in America? Think with your child

Has there been so-called #racial discrimination in Taiwan? When Taiwan’s news is buzzing with discussion

Should the railway hall be open to migrant workers when they sit on the ground? Are these public opinions and speeches often full of discrimination?

Discrimination pervades our daily lives in various forms Is it acceptable for elderly or disadvantaged children to give up their seats and have different living habits in the face of others in the MRT?

different religious beliefs Can we respect it? Discrimination is an attitude of “intolerance” towards “different” It may be the negative treatment caused by the lack of understanding and fear It may also be “brainwashed” by the media backlash due to stereotypes created

All we can do now is before these negative emotions arise Preventive measures Let children be exposed to different cultures and respect different customs from an early age Then it is not easy to resist different things in the process of growing up Invisibly reduce the possibility of a lot of “discrimination”

4. Why are there international conflicts?

everything has a cause and effect Conflicts are also gradually piling up

Like the books in this series, it goes deep into sensitive topics layer by layer.

in the process of studying history Almost [war] is an inevitable scene in every chapter The historical torrents of ancient and modern China and foreign countries are strung together by conflicts and wars, big and small.

We often say “Learning from the past to know the present” But is it really so? If humanity could learn from history

How come there are still conflicts after thousands of years? The content of the fourth book is an extension of the third book If there is less discrimination and more understanding between people or between countries, can conflicts be avoided? either modern or past

Wars because of religion are always the fiercest Because religion gives people a common belief rather than simply grabbing resources So I think that the real source of conflict can be reduced, only “common understanding” is possible

But this is a long-term ideal In reality, there are still many conflicts

so what should I do now? There are various organizations internationally

The biggest is the United Nations established after World War II The goal is to promote peaceful dialogue, try to find ways that all parties can compromise, and reduce the possibility of war

The Ministry of Education has set four goals for the international education capacity of primary and secondary schools: “National Identity”, “International Literacy”, “Global Competitiveness”, “Global Responsibility”, hope to:

To cultivate students’ respect and appreciation of different cultures, as well as cross-cultural communication and reflection skills.

To cultivate students’ foreign language ability and professional knowledge required in international competition and communication.

To train students to understand important global issues and develop their personal strengths in global competition and cooperation.

Guide students to have global awareness, global intelligence, global citizenship and global action.

This set of [children in the world] corresponds well to the standards of international educational ability

Before 2020.11.20, you can go to Lara and Parent-Child World to cooperate with recommended books to order ~ enjoy a 30% discount! Free shipping on orders over 800!

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