Why are Asians discriminated against in Europe for wearing masks? !

Why are Asians discriminated against in Europe for wearing masks? !


The first Hungarian doctor who advocated wearing a mask for surgery~the first Polish doctor who advocated washing hands before surgery~

“COVID-19”, “Wuhan Pneumonia”, “2019 Novel Coronavirus”, “2019-nCoV”

No matter which name above, it refers to the same virus

This “Pa Mi ah”, which has caused panic all over the world, not only has no effective medicine and medicine at present

It may still be in shape… But it’s actually the same as every virus

What they fear most is the human immune system. . . .

And autoimmunity actually depends on the health care and exercise of the body on weekdays

Like a kuso post shared by my kid’s coach:

Basically for the phrase “exercise boosts immunity”…

It is as strong(?) as the warning text “smoking is harmful to health” written on the outer packaging of cigarettes…. So

Boost your immune system and forget about it

“Wearing a mask to prevent the invisible virus” has become extremely important

In fact, it is common in Asia to wear masks

In addition to preventing the infection of viruses such as colds that may be caused by crowded places

Every place has its own reasons. In Taiwan, masks (military use) introduced during the Japanese occupation period began

In the 1950s, the development of agriculture (wearing a mask when spraying pesticides) and the era of motorcycle riders in the 1970s began

But these are not the key reasons why masks have become part of Taiwanese living habits

The picture comes from the FB website of the National Taiwan Museum of History

According to Lara’s own observation, wearing a mask has become a very common behavior in the past 10 years, the air pollution has gradually become more serious, the number of people with allergies has increased, and the culture of East Asia has become popular. In Japan, because of the pollen season every spring, many people wear masks to avoid excessive pollen irritation and frequent sneezing. In addition, of course, there are other reasons to prevent cold germs from being transmitted to others or being infected, and women have no time to wear makeup…. From the degree of air pollution in the environment, virus prevention, and cultural factors, masks are all used. Things become part of our daily life.

圖片從 ananweb.jp 網路擷取

This is also the main reason why many Asians have been misunderstood and discriminated against for wearing masks in European and American countries recently.

For the above reasons, it does not exist in Europe and the United States!

In particular, Europeans’ concept of the body is still based on “people themselves” compared to Asia.

Most Europeans believe that people need to have more contact with nature, exercise more, and rely on their own immunity to face viral diseases.

Instead of using external force (drugs, health products) to “treat” all the time. Europeans generally believe: “The person who will need to wear a mask must be seriously ill,

Wearing a mask for fear of infecting others

“So the fundamental idea is different

To give a few simple examples: usually you will see on TV that the person with two lines of snot on his face is definitely not an Asian child;

Nordic mothers will leave the stroller outdoors and let the baby nap in the cold air; during the process of parenting

Mothers should also have seen the “leggings and fever reduction method” from Germany,

Instead of calling a clinic near your home as soon as you have a fever in Taiwan

Of course, this also has a lot to do with the convenience of medical care.

But the most important thing is that the core concept is different

And this core value only made me think more deeply after a small episode.


this time

There are several talented illustrators or doctors who have come up with illustrations to fight the coronavirus, advocate more hand washing, and wear masks

When Lara first saw it, she quickly shared it on FB and even WeChat Moments

Hope to give anxious adults a good tool to soothe or explain to children

Even I also consider foreign friends whether in Taiwan or Europe

Because I can’t read these overwhelming Chinese information

So I want to ask a friend to help translate it into different languages ​​so that they can pass it on

When I told my friends about it, I thought it would help them

So it must be fine!

After all, the enemy is currently facing this epidemic, and the whole people should be soldiers. . . .

As a result, a German friend seriously thought about it for two days and refused my request.

But she did not simply refuse, but explained to me the reasons for her refusal very seriously.

And that’s the reason why I think I’m writing this article. …

I understand the Taiwan government’s efforts to face the epidemic

I also know that wearing a mask is a normal thing for Taiwanese (have lived in Taiwan for more than two years) but I don’t think children should be particularly afraid of this coronavirus, because the hype will cause them panic and fear

Washing hands is more important than wearing a mask, because this is the most basic principle in the face of all bacteria and viruses

After listening to her words, I suddenly thought a little…

Because in fact, this is also my concept. Anyone who has encountered me recently should know that I am not wearing a mask all the time.

Unless it is required for class or where we go in and out of many people. But since Chinese New Year, we have avoided going to crowded places, let alone entering or leaving the hospital.

Even I really want to meet my good friends who came back from abroad, even if not from the epidemic area,

But because as a teacher who will face many students, I have to endure it and ask my friends to wait 14 days before making an appointment…

I still think that in the current state, washing hands well is more important than wearing a mask.

All decisions should take into account people, events, times, places and things. Do wear a mask when it’s time to wear it, and wear it all the way!

In and out of the hospital, in the face of a large number of people, in such occasions, or because of allergies and poor physical resistance. If today I am in an area that has started to have a large number of local infections, it is even more necessary to wear it at any time, but because I think it is safe in Taiwan today (three knocks on the table) So for me,

I don’t think I need to wear it all the time… However, under the bombardment of a large number of crises in the media, even if I think so in my heart, I temporarily ignore my principles and go directly to the information… After all, this Is what everyone wants to see and need now…??…(This is another topic….

I’ll find a chance to write it later)

The conclusion is that whether or not to wear a mask and when to wear a mask is of course everyone’s choice. But in the current state,

You don’t need to be overly nervous in your daily life…but you can’t be too blind…I saw a news today,

A man who was going to see a doctor at National Taiwan University Hospital made a riot at the door because he didn’t want to wear a mask and couldn’t go in…. This is very inappropriate!

A hospital is a place where all kinds of germs gather. In addition to visiting patients, people who will enter and leave the hospital usually also mean that the body’s resistance is weak.

Please don’t harm others! Lara emphasizes again,

All decisions should take into account people, events, times, places, and things

In any case, proper hand washing is the basic principle

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