Teacher, what is “EU”?

I played a game with my classmates in class today — I put a picture card on one of the kids’ heads, he couldn’t see it, but everyone else could. Everyone should prompt and let the person who holds the card guess what the card is in his hand. Children should learn to ask questions …

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Flag Bingo

 Flag Bingo With so many countries in Asia, how can children remember the names of countries that they are less exposed to? The answer is… play BINGO!!! Create your own unique “Asian Bingo” game, and sure enough, the children had a lot of fun!In less than a few rounds, the names and national flags of …

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🌎Travel around the world in your native language❌Bake in English👨‍🍳

  Lara’s Globalpedia X Kidchen Club Who says geography has to be memorized?Follow Mr. Lara to understand different countries in a simple way, and naturally learn the locations of the seven continents and the cultural characteristics of each country in the game! Enlighten children’s worldview and cultivate correct international literacy from childhood! Then, Kidchen Club …

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Komodo Dragon @ Indonesia

我記得第一次看到科摩多大蜥蜴是從一個日本的電視節目, 節目製作讓某個女藝人穿著日式浴衣身上綁著一條長繩子另一端掛著生肉, 跑給科摩多大蜥蜴追, 然後不斷喊的 速い~速い~速い~ 看完不禁覺得…傻眼…難道他們不知道科摩多龍的速度是很快而且超毒的嗎??

Amazon Fire v.s Little Kids

Amazon forest fire v.s Kids First class after long summer, I welcomed kids by asking, what’s going on lately? Some say Typhoon while some said Earthquake.. alright, at least they all “felt” sth from surroundings but not just some cartoon or stuff like that. So I keep going, anyone knows what’s happening now around the …

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2020.03 Iran Course Notes

看著書上伊朗的照片,那些引人入勝的幾何圖案,佇立在沙漠中的清真寺與古老殘缺的建築,卻讓我有一種更想瞭解這個國家的慾望… 在準備這個國家介紹的過程中,我決定從歷史上著手,帶著孩子認識伊朗的前世今生….

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